First of all, let me just say Welcome to FanBabble sports, Australia’s newest Sports Media company, Done by Fans, For Fans, because we’re Fans. I am Jamie the founder and president/CEO of FanBabble Sports.

Don’t get it twisted, we are nothing like the Sports Media companies you’re used to, and if there boring, mundane lack of giving a shit coverage of any sports that aren’t Rugby League or AFL have left you as frustrated as we are, well, that’s why we’re here. While we might not have the pedigree or reputation that the mainstream media networks have, we do have Passion. Every one of our content team, and everyone at FanBabble Sports loves sport. Doesn’t matter if its on a Field, Court, Arena, Stadium, Alley, if it’s a sport, we love it and we’ll cover it.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say our takes and coverage of certain teams won’t be bias, ill get out in front of that right from the start. As you’ve probably already checked out, we have a podcast on our network purely dedicated to one eyed Sharks talk (Fins Up Podcast) but if you think its always positive Sharks talk, you’ll be very surprised. But what I will say is that when you read one of our blogs, listen to our podcasts or watch any of our video series 99% of what you see is light-hearted and fun. And that’s how I want everything we do to be received.

As the website grows, so will the amount and types of content we put out will grow. We have plans for a lot of new original content to put out and we ask you to be patient as we figure out how we can go about producing them. So, for the time being, enjoy our blogs and jump in and download all our podcasts and make sure you save our site and check in daily to see all the new content as it happens. If you love what we’re doing and I’m sure you will, share it to your socials, with your work mates and family. You are here at the start of something big and we appreciate your support as we grow into what will be the best sports related content in Australia and New Zealand.

I’ll finish this welcome by shamelessly plugging our store. Now if you go to our Store there’s only a few different designs of merch, but as time goes on, and our brands grow, there will be new designs and types of merch being put up every other week. So jump on to our store https://fanbabble-sports-store.creator-spring.com to check out our range of Merch and always be on the look out for new products getting thrown up.

-Jamie, President and Founder


    1. Thanks Susan. Its taken a lot, but its good to finally be live. Ill have to have someone write about the panthers now haha


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