College Football

College Football Season preview

This week is finally the return of Football in America, That’s right its Gridiron season. Despite what some people will tell you and that Pre-Season NFL and Week Zero college football has been going on, the only things those games tell us are whose rookie quarterback will be a dud, and that Nebraska Football still isn’t “Back”.

But it is now officially week 1 for college football. College football in Australia has long been a sport that’s gone un-noticed for a long time, but I as a fan have noticed its popularity rise over the last few years leading to pressure being forced on ESPN and the likes of the SEC Network, Big 10 network and I guess ACC Network to allow fans from outside of the US and Canada to stream games down here. Still, we need a VPN to do that, but as a Gators fan, it’s well worth it.

Photo Credit Mary Holt/ Icon Sportswire taken from NBC Miami

This is probably the most un-open race for the National Championship for over a decade with my Florida Gators clearly the best team this year under a great head coach in Dan Mullen. You may say I’m a one-eyed Gators fan whose completely delusional, but I’ll just say this, when we beat Alabama in week 3 and move to 3-0 to start the season, you’ll all come around.

I guess I should probably talk about the race for the National Championship if you don’t want to accept my Gators destiny. When I look at the first coaches’ poll for the 2021 season, it’s the usual suspects in the top 4. Bama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State. Clearly these team previous season is still weighing on the minds of the coaches although Oklahoma not making the Playoff last year, they have a great QB in Spencer Rattler, some consider the best in College Football destined to win the Heisman, A head coach whose finally got the player on defence to actually have a defence, something Big12 teams aren’t known for, I can see why they’ve voted them into the top 4.

I think Ohio State will once again be good, it’s a revolving door of great talent and their new QB CJ Stroud is set to light up the Big10 and the College Football world. But when it comes to Clemson and more importantly Alabama, I’m not so sure they’re locks for the playoff as they have been in previous seasons. Clemson have lost easily the best QB to ever play College Football in Trevor Lawrence, a few big names on defence and a couple of weapons on offence. New QB, DJ Uiagalelei also has some new offensive linemen to protect him. I think the jury is still out on if Clemson can recreate the magic they had under Trevor Lawrence. One thing we do already know is DJ can sling it but can his teammates back him up.

Alabama is basically turning around their entire team on offence after losing 8 starters from last season’s team, including new Patriots starting QB Mac Jones, Heisman trophy winning Wide Receiver DeVonta Smith, another phenomenal Wide out Jaylen Waddle and dominant Running Back Najee Harris, they also lose 3 top quality Offensive linemen. It’s a reset on Offence and I’m hesitant to say, despite Coach Sabans history, that they will be back in the playoff again this year.

Photo Taken from The Guardian via Sportswire/Getty Images

If its not Alabama, and Not the obvious choice in Florida, I can maybe see it being Georgia. The Bulldogs have a great recent history despite many in the CFB world saying Coach Kirby Smart is severely overrated This year after what we saw out of QB JT Daniels the back end of last season, and the fact that key players on both sides of the ball are returning, I firmly believe they have the ability to win the SEC and even go on to win the National Championship.

In the Playoffs short history only 4 teams have won the title, and while they’ve been close in the past, Georgia has been there before in 2018, narrowly losing to Alabama 26-23 in OT. This year could be the year for Bulldogs fans worldwide………If my Florida Gators somehow don’t get the job done. My non-biased final 4 for the college Playoff is: 1. Ohio State (13-0) 2. Georgia Bulldogs (12-1) 3. Oklahoma (12-1) 4. Clemson (12-1). So, at the end of the year, if my Gators don’t fulfil their destiny, I will be able to take solace in my predictions being correct right here. National Champions: Georgia Bulldogs, that’ll make our guy Dan very happy.

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