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What is the greatest Team entrance in sport?

I wrote a blog earlier in the week previewing the upcoming College Football season, so obviously I was excited to sit down and watch it today. First game of the season for me was Virginia Tech at home against North Carolina. Ill let you know now this isn’t about college football, this is about teams’ entrances.

Now when you think of entrance into a stadium or arena, most people’s thoughts probably turn to the world of Professional Wrestling and the WWE. And while there are some amazing entrances in that world, this is not about them, that is a blog for another time. This is purely about teams and their entrance onto the field.

If you know College Football even in the slightest, you’ll know Virginia Techs entrance to the stadium. The entrance starts well before the players have left the change rooms, as the cheer leaders hold up signs. One says, “Let’s Go” the other “Hokies” and the signs are shown to opposite sides of the stadium as a call and response chant to get the crowd hyped up. Then the music plays.

They begin playing Metallica’s Enter sandman as the players leave the tunnel, usually, although occasionally and frustratingly they begin it when the players are waiting in the tunnel at Lane Stadium. As was pretty much the case for this game against UNC. 

Photo taken from Virginia Tech website

As the intro plays every fan in the stadium and every member of the VA Teach Marching band, Cheer leading team and other support staff jump up and down to the beat of the song. When the intro to the song truly hits the players enter Lane Stadium to a huge amount of noise which must be so off putting to the away team already waiting on the sidelines. Even though I’m not a fan of VA Tech, I am definitely a fan of their Entrance, and it gets me just as hyped from my home in Australia, so I can only imagine how hyped up the home fans are in the Stadium.

Now my knowledge of other sports teams entrances tends to come from the teams I support, and their own entrances or the teams they play away.

Another one that struck a chord with me is German Bundesliga 2 side FC St Paulis entrance to their home stadium, the Milentor. Quite possibly the best song to use as your entrance in all of music, St Pauli come out to AC/DC’s Hells Bells. If you’ve ever seen The Milentor stadion, you know how close the fans are to the field, if you haven’t, think sort of like Bournemouth’s Vitality Stadium. And as the players walk out from a tunnel to the left of the active support. The away team can hear everything being said to them at that time, throw in the Tifos and entire stadium displays. It can be a very intimidation environment to play in.

Photo Credit to Hipster Football Podcast on twitter

One other team that comes to mind would have to be the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League. The original six team plays at the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts. The Bruins enter the ice to a fantastic Yellow and Black light show to the song Shipping up to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys, a local band whose name is synonymous with Boston and more so the Bruins.

Photo Credit Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau

While it may not be the most intimidating entrance on the “field” as a bruin’s fan watching on TV, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge when I hear it play, even when it’s just on my Spotify playlist. I can only imagine how it must feel for the Bruins fans who pack out that Arena every home game.

It would be remis of me to talk about great and intimidating entrances if I didn’t mention Mike Tyson’s return to the ring in 1999. His 1st fight back after biting a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear off in his last fight. What added tot the intensity of his return was the fight was being held at the MGM Grand, the same arena the Holyfield incident happened. In his return to the ring, he was up against South Africa’s Francois Botha. The crowd was split on their opinion of Tyson. He walked to the ring to DMX’s “Intro – It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” looking terrifyingly focused as he approached the ring to a chorus of cheers and boos. Tyson went on to win the fight with a 5th round knockout and later said he wasn’t at his best. This guy.

Even today, 22 years on, it is still considered one of the more Scary and intimidating entrances in not just boxing but sports history. Comment below or hit me up on my twitter with your favorite Team entrances- @JustJamieB90

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