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How many of you caught any of the West Tigers documentary on Fox Sports? Did you you enjoy it and want to see more like that in the future? If so then I tend to agree with you.

When you look at the way Netflix’s Drive to Survive has opened Formula 1 to a whole new demographic of fans, or like the Sunderland til i die series was meant to showcase the day to day running’s of a EFL Championship teams quest to regain promotion to the premier league. Fans are screaming out for not just extra content around the Sports they love, but also the teams they worship.

Credit Netflix Aus/NZ

Now I’m looking at this from the NFL style of things with what they have done with hard knocks and the deal with amazon and producing All or Nothing (which has been done for other teams and sports) which help give us as fans a special look at the day to day life of the teams and how they operate. The only thing that needs to happen is unlike the West Tigers series is it needs to follow through right until the end of the season and show the full emotions of how the teams react to the end of the season and not making the finals or how a loss in the finals can effect a team.

But also on the point of following the sides till the end of the season I honestly believe given that Fox, Nine and Seven have the rights and want to build on the coverage that they provide it would be in their best interests to work with the NRL and AFL to produce something in a similar vain to what the NFL do every year with America’s Game. I for one would set that up to record in a heart beat, if you haven’t yet seen what America’s Game is about it is following the previous seasons Super Bowl champions for pre-season up to the post game celebrations immediately after the game. If you want to check them out then head on over to YouTube or download NFL Gamepass International and choose the free version and you can see what I’m referring to.

Photo credit USA Today & Jason Parkhurst

But touching on how it would work for the broadcasters and wanting more viewers on their stations they could even split it up into a multiple episode series and then have different players from the winning team speak about different things that happened throughout the season weather that be injuries, suspensions or for any other hardships that were faced and forced change to the way they proceeded with the rest of the season.

One thing that could even bring more out of the games and add more personalities to the clubs would also be to potentially have players mic’d up. This would allow us to see the difference in how certain things happen and change the way a player goes about the game. This in turn, as I stated previously will also give the players a chance to showcase their personalities in a way we rarely if ever see in regards to picking up their team mates if they are are under pressure in a game or if they are on a roll and are in the process of pushing on with the performance.

I’m not going to sit here and type this up thinking that it will ever happen, nor am I thinking it won’t happen either. But I for one would love to ask the codes and the broadcasters why we couldn’t have more content like this provided to us fan’s? And as fan’s we should also be asking our clubs to provide us with some content, even if it’s only a 30 minute show once a week on the website or on the teams YouTube channel.

Photo taken from

So as you sit there having taken this article in I ask that you think to yourself, What would I want my club to provide in terms of more content from behind the scenes? And even if it’s only one person who reaches out it can start the thoughts in the minds of the clubs and who knows they may listen and provide us as fan’s with intriguing content and potentially give players a chance to show their own personality.

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