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CR 7 Returns “Home”

Manchester United’s prodigal son, and really the last good thing to happen to the formerly great English Premier League club.

I want to start this blog by saying I am not a Manchester United fan. But I am a Fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and recognise him as the greatest to ever do it.

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Since leaving the Red Devils in 2009, Ronaldo has gone on to break records, win multiple Champions League titles, A European Championship with Portugal and break record after record. Ronaldo since leaving Man Utd has won 4 UEFA Champions League titles with Real Madrid, 2 UEFA Super Cups and 3 FIFA world club Championships. United has won 1 Europa League title and watched there cross town rivals Win Title after title, make major signing after signing that puts United to shame, And have arguably become the little brother in Manchester.

While United had a pretty successful Off season and transfer window. During the Euros we saw the resurgence of Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire with some outstanding performances for England. Pogba looked good for France all be it an unexpected early exit for them. They strengthened key areas of the squad by adding Jadon Sancho to bolster their attack and a much-needed improvement on defence with the addition of Raphael Varane from Real Madrid.

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You would have been forgiven if you thought United were done with Transfers this window, but just as a former Legend was about to make a move that would’ve crushed United fans worldwide, The Glazers make an offer to bring the Greatest to ever do it back to Carrington. Clearly the Glazers are trying to get back into the good graces of there fans after their involvement in the Failed European Super League plans.

Ronaldo’s return is seen by some as the final piece to the puzzle for United to return to its former glory. His signing saw a drop in their betting odds to win the Premier League from $9.00 down to $6.00. A pretty substantial drop bringing them in line as bitter rivals Liverpool. But the fact with all their new signings and the return of Ronaldo, The people still believe they are not good enough to win the league.

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Had Ronaldo returned to United directly from Real Madrid instead of taking a detour via Juventus, it would have been a far bigger story. And don’t get me wrong, He is still easily one of the best players in the world. And dominated in the Serie A last season, But the Premier League is a whole different beast. And keep in mind, despite his dominance, Inter Millan won the title, not Juventus. So simply having Ronaldo in the team wasn’t enough. He’s also another year older and playing in a far more physical league.

Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly excited to see the GOAT return to the premier league. I just don’t think he will be enough for United to Challenge the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City for the Title. I’m still not convinced they have the right man in charge to deliver the Title.

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But I will definitely be watching this weekend as he makes his debut for United, and I will absolutely enjoy the pageantry United roll out for his return to old Trafford.

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  1. I do not wholly disagree with your view. Yes he hasn’t been tested physically since he left England in 2009. But I see him returning as a far smarter player than that of the 24 yr old that we last saw.
    It’s his movement off the ball that will leave defenders again just aimlessly kicking out at him.
    I still think he’d have the pace to match anyone. His rig is the best in the world. Giggs did it til he was 41, Scholes a little younger and Stanley Matthews did it at 50 albeit in a time when sport science was a glint in the eye of many of today’s top coaches.
    But can he do it all on his own? He would say yes. He may turn some of the draws from last season into wins, but without a bona fide central midfielder to hold pogba and Bruno accountable, United will be the best of the rest I feel.
    But I will sit and enjoy every moment of every minute that CR7 is on that pitch. I predicted that he would be the greatest player ever after his first match against Bolton Wanderers and he has proven that beyond a doubt.


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