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Salah Goes For Milestone in Leeds Matchup

Salah goes for Milestone in Leeds

Liverpool enters Elland Road looking to join the likes of United and Chelsea atop the Premier League Table. On the other side of the table, another United expects to show up and show out at home in potentially the most highly anticipated match they’ve played in front of fans in years. A draw even moves them ahead of Arsenal, which also meant something years ago.

There’s a certain Egyptian who would like to make September 12th a disaster in Leeds. Mo Salah looks to become only the 30th player in the Premier League with a goal against Leeds United. As part of that 30 he would be the fourth active player to hit the century mark along with Lukaku, Vardy, and Kane.

Phot Credit FanDuel.com

It’s a huge matchup for not only Leeds to get back on track at home, but of course for Liverpool to keep pace with the big dogs in the Prem. They’ll get their favorite Orange Man back with Virgil being cleared to return to play after a potential scare in international play. He’ll look to give Patrick Bamford a stained pair of shorts and some bloody elbows. Leeds would do anything to ensure that they don’t encounter a similar drubbing to what they got when they went to Old Trafford August 14th and lost 5-1. They’d even sign the Welsh starting winger for United that day to help add more fire power to their attack. Daniel James will add some speed and some pressure up front. We’ll see if that pressure gets to likely LB Andy Robertson.

Phot Credit yorkshirepost.co.uk and Getty

What used to be United’s best Portuguese player had a hattrick on that opening match. Liverpool hopes that the Portuguese flu has lingering affects for Leeds, as a new talisman has emerged for the Reds. Liverpool’s attack has become even stronger with the emergence of Diogo Jota since acquiring him from Wolves in 2020. It seems as if Bobby’s no longer first choice, and for good reason. Expect Jota to start between Mane and Salah this week.

Nearly a year ago to the day, these sides played a thrilling 4-3 battle at Anfield. Leeds showed that they were here to stay in the Premier League yet again and will invest to try and get close to former glory. I’m expecting a somewhat similar result with 4 or 5 goals total, including at least one from Salah and Jota. Salah hits his mark, a milestone, and gets a victory. I’m picking Leeds 2-3 Liverpool.

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