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Athletes at the Met Gala Thumbs Down

I’m gunna try and keep this as relevant to sports as I can, even if I just have to input the word Sports randomly into sentences.

So I have a list of athletes that no matter what they do, within reason, I will Always support. And as time goes on athletes get added and occasionally removed but not that often. Even when they retire or say a certain QB leaves my beloved New England Patriots, Tom Brady, I’ll still Stan for them whenever they are in question.

Tom Brady Shows Off 7 Super Bowl Rings: ‘How It’s Going’

It takes a lot to be removed from this metaphorical list. Conviction of cheating via taking performance enhancing drugs is one way. Match fixing although that seems to be a largely cricket thing, and as you know, I don’t get cricket so that doesn’t really appear.

One of the Athletes I think I’ve supported the most and the longest over my illustrious fan career has to be Lewis Hamilton. Formula One driver who I fell in love with as a young F1 fan when he burst onto the scene as a rookie for McLaren in 2007. No matter what the circumstance he is faced with, I was always one of the first to defend him. His domination in the Mercedes cars the last 5 years, which made people question his status as the Greatest of all time, I was there to defend him and argue in his favour. While he never verbally or officially thanked me for this, deep down I know he’s thankful.

When he is outspoken about the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBT community. I backed him up and supported him, while a lot of the fan base became disillusioned by his constant statements standing up for his community and his beliefs. I never wavered from being his fan.

But this MET Gala thing man, if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s self entitled celebrities who love to lecture us about our climate change and political correctness. And most likely flying in private jets from all over not only the US but the World. In Lewis’s case he was in Italy on Sunday racing in the Italian GP. Parading around in gowns that cost more than most people make in a decade on average. And let’s not forget the ticket to get in costs about $30,000 US and it’s all to go to charity right? Well technically yes, but the only charity that benefits is the Met itself, a museum. Not sick people or homeless charities, none of it goes to Cancer research no, It’s basically an event to stroke there own MASSIVE egos. $13million could do so much for Cancer research, or for small businesses who have been wrecked by the Covid government shutdowns in the states. But no, this Museum that gets a similar amount like this every Gala needs this money, Give me a break.

Photo Credit

And Lewis yet again attends this event, dressed in a weird outfit again, which if I’m honest, I’m finding it harder to defend him for. He’s a phenomenal Driver and person, and what he does to raise awareness for injustice in the world is second to none. I can deal with his outfits when arriving to the track on race weekend, it’s a lot of swag. But I can’t defend this. This is ridiculous.

Photo taken from @humanNaturenyc on Instagram

Thankfully this year another athlete I will Stan for just as hard as I would for Lewis Hamilton, Tom Brady, usually I assume he is forced to go by his supermodel wife, this year the Greatest QB in the history of Football didn’t attend the Met Gala. I’m taking this as he is waking up to the hypocrisy that is the Met Gala. I got one welcome his decision and fully support it. I just hope he continues to not go for years to come. Haters will say he didn’t attend because he hasn’t been vaccinated against Covid, but I know it’s because he’s finally seen the light.

Photo Credit Ben Solomon for the New York Times

The last athlete I saw on the list of those attending the Gala is Emma Raducanu. The young 18 year old British tennis sensation, who only last weekend won the US Open as a qualifier, which quickly catapulted her onto my list. Ticking a few boxes: British ✅ Good at her sport ✅. Well her status is currently set at questionable. I understand she was probably invited by another rich self-entitled celebrity, probably Serena Williams, but that’s no excuse. All she had to do was decline, go back to the UK and celebrate with the fans, doing the car wash that is British morning television. But no, she chose to attend this ego inflating event. As I said, still on my list, bunt hanging by a thread. She’ll need to prove she’s the real deal at the next major, which I believe is the Aus Open in 2022. I’ll be watching Emma (he says not creepily).

Photo taken from

See I told you I’d keep it as sports related as I could. Maybe one day I’ll release all the Athletes on my list. But for now, that’s all you get.

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