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Is Dylan Alcott the Greatest Australian Sports person ever?

If you weren’t aware, Australian Wheelchair tennis player Dylan Alcott this week achieved something no other person in tennis has achieved. A Golden Slam, and if you weren’t aware……Were you hiding under a rock this week?

The Golden slam if you didn’t know is when a player wins all 4 of the major titles in a calendar year, and the Gold Medal in an Olympic year. He Achieved this over the weekend at the US Open when he claimed his third US Open with a win over Niels Vink, the same player we saw embracing with Alcott after his Semi Finals victory at the Paralympics earlier in the year.

After claiming the Golden Slam, understandably Dylan is considering retirement, I mean after all, at only 30 years old he has already achieved everything possible in Tennis. After 7 consecutive Australian Open titles, 3 French Open titles in a row, 2 Wimbledon Titles and now 3 US open titles. Put these alongside 2 Paralympic Gold Medals and his 2018 Masters title, he is clearly the most decorated Tennis player in Australia’s History, and the argument could be made he is the most decorated sports person in Australian History!

Photo Courtesy of newcaslteweekly.com.au via Getty Images

Not only is he a phenomenal athlete, but away from the court he is an inspiration to everyone. Just look at the player he beat to complete his golden slam, Niels Vink. Someone who read Dylan’s Book and it inspired him to play better and dream big. Dylan refers to them as being mates and that hes proud of what Niels is doing.

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk via Reuters

After winning the US Open Alcott was open and honest in his post-match interview. Saying “I feel honoured and privileged to be out here on this court and I’m going to be up front – I don’t know if I’ll be back here, so I really appreciate everything” he also added when talking about his situation by saying “(It is) changing my life, changing Niels life but hopefully changing the lives of millions of people with disability around the world that they can see themselves on the big stage doing what they love”

And of course, after winning his third US Open and cementing his Golden Slam he celebrated in the most Aussie way ever, by Sculling a beer from the Trophy on the same weekend we saw Danie Riccardo bringing back the Shooey after his Italian GP win.

Photo courtesy of Pedestrian.tv

In my mind, and I’m sure in the mind of everyone who loves sport in Australia sees Dylan Alcott as a First Ballot Australian Sports Hall of Famer and obviously an International Tennis Hall of Famer. That I have NO doubt about. Congratulations Dylan Alcott on your amazing achievement, and if it does happen to be your last title and last time we see you on court, Congratulations on an amazing career and enjoy retirement.

But something tells me, it won’t be, and we may see him on court at the 2022 Australian Open to farewell his fans with an 8th consecutive Aus Open title, and truly going out on top.

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