English Premier League Football

Diving – the unnecessary element

The simulation of injury/tackles or “diving” is a common occurrence in football (also known as soccer). It can change the game in many ways and can cause upsets with players, fans, and others. This shouldn’t be a part of the sport and needs to be looked at as a serious issue.

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First, getting tackled in this game certainly can come with injury and in some cases lead to serious leg or foot injuries, however making a simple tackle and making it seem worse does not go with the game and should not be allowed. Players know the risks of being in a serious tackle and know the seriousness of one, so say if a player received a light tap on their shins, they shouldn’t be holding their leg and rolling on the ground as if they have broken it and just by “milking” an injury just makes it so much worse. It brings a bad image, the game brings enough entertainment and excitement in the 90 minutes without a player carrying on as if they’re never going to walk again, they should let the game proceed and try play the game like they are getting paid to do.

Diving can also lead to players receiving unnecessary yellow cards or cautions which can impede players by not playing their best, due to the chance of another yellow card which could see them of being sent off for the remainder of the game. If that happens it leaves a team a player down without reason, which leads to a team being at a disadvantage due to an unreasonable yellow card which an opposition player has caused, without even needing to. Which I think is a bit of a disgraceful act if players intentionally try to do this act. It gets in the way of the gameplay and that’s not what we all want to watch.

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However, while the players who are wrongfully carded, there are some instances that a player who has tried diving has been punished. Now players who have been caught diving receive a yellow card as a punishment for trying to wrongly get a free kick or even a penalty. With the introduction of the VAR (Video Assistant Referee), which is mainly there to assist with the checking of penalty decisions and offside calls, it has helped with the decisions where players have tried to dive to get their team a penalty or free kick which has resulted in the player receiving a yellow card for trying to dive so they could try put their team at an a advantage and, in the result of the VAR call, has publicly shown everyone that they have committed this offense.

This is only my opinion; I think that diving should be looked at and punished hard than it is. It is a disgraceful act and it really can be disrespectful to the opposition as well. I don’t think that its welcome in the game and that FIFA should really look at it as a problem. It’s not a game I love watching if diving comes into it and it’s a little sad for the person who has tried to have a dive. Alas, everyone has their opinion, but I feel strongly that this should be addressed as a major issue and needs to be punished a little harder than it is.

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