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5 Takeaways from the Sports Weekend

I am back again for my 5 takeaways from the week in sport. A lot has happened this week, so let’s get into it.

1st Takeaway: As I mentioned in a blog earlier in the week and on my podcast The Just Jamie B show, Australian Tennis legend Dylan Alcott completed the Golden Slam this week after securing his third US Open title. A feat that has never been achieved in the sport before on both the Men’s, Womens and Quad Tennis side of the draw. As if there was any doubt about his status as the greatest to ever do it, He cemented his claim as a sure fire first ballot Australian Sports Hall of Famer by celebrating the US Open win by drinking a can of VB (Odd choice) out of the US Open Trophy.

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The man is not just the mot decorated athlete in Australian Sports history but the deadest legend of a bloke as well. As he hints at a potential retirement all I ca say is, Thank you Dylan and congrats on an amazing career.

2nd Takeaway: It’s that time of the season again, European Football is back. And beginning this season is the UEFA Conference League to go alongside of the Europa League and Champions League. Really its just a way for clubs and UEFA to make more money in Sponsorships, Gate Receipts and Jersey sales, but it also gives a chance for other smaller nations or teams like Arsenal to perhaps get teams on the European stage who otherwise wouldn’t dream of making it to the Europa or Champions League. For me it’s a chance despite a less than impressive season last year, to see my Feyenoord play in Europe. And due to TV rights in Australia and no one carrying the Eredivisie, its really my only chance to see them on TV.

A few of the standout results from the first matchday. Young Boys getting a crucial win over Manchester United 2-1, Manchester City and RB Leipzig played out a 9-goal thriller, Bayern Munich beat down a dwindling Barcelona side and first time UCL qualifiers Sheriff Tiraspol getting the win against Champions League regular Shaktar Donetsk 2-0 on their debut.

Phot Credit: REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

3rd Takeaway: Derby Country owner Mel Morris Friday night has taken the disappointing steps to appoint Administrators to take control of all of Derby County’s finances. Its no secret Derby have struggled for the past few seasons. Clearly their owner is out of his league financially with running a Championship club and now because of his inability to find a buyer himself, Derby will suffer a 12-point deduction along with a 9-point deduction stemming from breaching the EFL Championships own FFP rules. After narrowly avoiding relegation last season with all of this in the air, you can only feel for the Rotheram and Wycombe fans who saw their side relegated last season despite all of this hanging over Derby.

Hopefully the Administrators can find a buyer for Derby quickly and save their fans the turmoil and anguish other fan bases like Wigan and Bolton went through in the past few years and avoid a disaster like what has happened to Macclesfield Town and my Bury FC.

Derby County manager Wayne Rooney Action Images/Ed Sykes/File Photo

4th Takeaway: NRL Preliminary Finals have been decided and unfortunately for My in-laws, my Partner and my son, the Parramatta Eels season has come to an end at the hands of the refe……uh I mean Penrith Panthers. I’ve said it before and ill say it again, the quality of refereeing in the NRL is utter garbage. The English Super League refs’ shit all over the NRL when it comes to officiating. Ever since they went back to the one controlling ref, the quality has fallen off a cliff.

It’s like they don’t understand the rules anymore. Rules that are Black and White are now grey and depending on who you get is how it can be ruled. 7-2 penalty count in a final is shocking. I don’t understand it. And if I’m a Parramatta fan reading this right now, I am fuming. The fact it ended 8-6 to the Panthers and that is the penalty count, just shows you who the NRL wants in the finals.

Photo via

In the other game, congrats to Manly. They just beat down the Roosters as I said they would on my Podcast, so if you took my advice you’d be cheering right now. So next week it’ll be Panthers v Storm in a NRL selected Grand Final rematch, and South Sydney playing the Manly Sea Eagles. Two decent games with obvious results as I look at them now. Ill give my prediction on Chat from the Back tomorrow so be listening to see which way I’m leaning.

Last Takeaway:  I’ve been getting back into Professional Wrestling again, both WWE and AEW the new guys on the block. While it is largely the same storylines with different characters and matches are easy to predict even before the match has begun just by the feel of the crowd, I will say that some athletes particularly on the AEW side are bringing a whole new style of high risk moves. Crazy athletes launching themselves higher than I’ve ever seen, off the top rope and landing on there competitors outside the ring is becoming a big play for action. And if I’m honest, the best match I’ve seen since getting back into was a womens match in NXT, WWE’s minor leagues, between Ember moon and Kay Lee Ray, with Kay Lee Ray winning the match. It featured high impact moves along with a free-flowing style. It was a great match that went for over 10 minutes, and I honestly had no idea who would end up winning in the end.

Hard to believe the best action WWE is dishing out is in their Minor Leagues[JB1] . Ill be following both girls and a few other Superstars as they develop and look forward to them getting their chances on the main roster soon.

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Those are my 5 major takeaways from the past week in sport. Enjoy your week, make sure you catch up on the blog. Head over to the FanBabble Sports store by clicking on Store on the main page and get yourself a shirt. And I would greatly appreciate it if you shared this blog. Cheers.

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