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Champions League – who will make it?

FanBabbleScottys UEFA Champions League Preview

Here we go again ladies and gentlemen, it’s back again! The UEFA Champions League has started back up and its going to be bigger than ever. Big transfers, teams giving their absolute best, some major unexpected upsets and much more to come. This is going to be a great league to get behind this season.There are some big teams in the champions league this year and some teams in the group stage that are well worth watching as well.

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Group A consists of Manchester City (England), Paris Saint Germain (PSG – France), RB Leipzig (Germany) and Club Brugge (Belgium). This will be a good group to watch as anything can happen within this group and its hard to pick what will happen. With the transfer of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain, theyare worth watching and expecting to be at the top of their group. However with a strong Man City side featuring the likes of Jack Grealish, Kevin De Bruyne, Bernado Silva, Raheem Sterling and many others, it may prove difficult for PSG.

However, RB Leipzig has proven that they can be among the best as they have fought in the German Bundesliga and are in top form and have the right to be there with an assortment of great midfield player and an additional top striker, they are a force to be wary of. Club Brugge on the other hand has the fight in them and can cause and upset or two The other three teams in group A should be very cautious about Club Brugge as they are a dangerous team when they want to be.

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Group B consists of a selection of giants in the world of football. Liverpool FC (England), AC Milan (Italy), Atletico Madrid (Spain) and FC Porto (Portugal) all have a great chance of toping this group. This is a group that could go any way as these are the matches you DO NOT want to miss.

All teams in this group have the potential to make it through to the round of 16 and you can expect this is a group to have some major upsets and some great football. This is the group that will go to the last game to determine who will go through to the round of 16. I can Luis Suarez’s Atletico Madrid getting through or will FC Porto come in and surprise everyone, will AC Milan claim a spot among the greats, or can Jordan Henderson’s mighty reds outshine all in the group?

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While in Group C it could be a little more predictable. Teams such as, Borussia Dortmund (Germany), Besiktas (Turkey), Ajax (Netherlands), and Sporting Lisbon (Portugal), this is a hard group to pick a winner as many unlikely events can occur with this group. Dortmund and Ajax are the likely pair to go through to the round of 16 however Besiktas has proven that they are a team that upsets the giants as they have done in the past before. They are a force to be reckoned with and the same goes with Sporting Lisbon as they have gone the distance with the best teams in Europe and prevailed, I recommend keeping your eye on this group.

Group D, however, seems a little more predictable. With a group that has Real Madrid (Spain), Inter Milan (Italy), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) and Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldova), it’s a little more predictable. This group has the Spanish giants (Real Madrid) and Italian giants (Inter Milan) very much expecting the top 2 positions to advance from the group stage, whereas Shakhtar is a team that has been in this competition and been relegated to the Europa League and Sheriff Tiraspol who only just qualified for the Champions League group stage. But anything can happen, and it’s been proven before.

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Group E is a lot like the same story as Group D. It involves two goliaths of the football world. The group has the likes of FC Barcelona (Spain), FC Bayern Munich (Germany), Benfica (Portugal) and Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine). It is expected that the 2019-2020 champions will have no troubles with qualifying proceeding to the knockout rounds and with FC Barcelona expecting to follow them, but can they repeat their Champions League run without Messi. Also with Bayern Munich’s own Robert Lewandowski in form it is likely that Bayern Munich will go through. Nevertheless, the strong sides of Kyiv and Benfica can and just might cause some trouble for the notorious Champions League giants. Barcelona and Bayern better watch out for them as these teams will cause a worry and can beat top sides such as them.

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Group F is a very exciting group as the group has Manchester United (England), Villareal (Spain), Atalanta (Italy) and BSC Young Boys (Switzerland). All teams can go either way in this but could the return of Cristiano Ronaldo be the boost that Man Utd need to push them through to another Champions League title. It is very exciting that Ronaldo is back at Manchester and he has been in this competition for a lot longer than most players and, in my opinion, will continue to do so until he retires.

Group G will prove very interesting as there cannot be a definitive winner of the group. With teams such as Lille (France), FC Red Bull Salzburg (Austria), Sevilla (Spain) and Wolfsburg (Germany) it’s really going to be any team that grabs the top 2 spots. This will be the group that will hold you on the edge of your seats and get your heart pumping with anticipation and exhilaration. I suggest you don’t take your eyes off this group.

And finally, we have the last group.

Group H you might be able to predict what the outcome will be, but you also may be shocked as well. With teams such as the current CL Champions Chelsea FC (England), Italian giants Juventus (Italy), Russian powerhouse Zenit St Petersburg (Russia) and Malmo FF (Sweden), this is the group that will come with surprises. Can champions Chelsea FC win it again? What will happen with Juventus without Ronaldo? Will Malmo FF surprise everyone and beat them all or will Zenit just come through and knock all the teams out of their way? It is tough to say.

This will be a fantastic Champions League season and I am looking forward to watching the games and I hope everyone is as well.

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