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A Grand Start to Grand Final Week

Well, here we are finally. After a week that seemed like a life time it is now time for the biggest week of the season, GRAND FINAL WEEK. The festivities will kick off tonight with the Brownlow Medal for the fairest and best player at an event that is almost more for the WAGS then the players.

Now before I get stuck in to talking about the Brownlow and how it is awarded, let us first touch on the night itself. This night is the official launch of Grand Final week, to all the players involved and the supporters of the clubs involved congratulations I hope you enjoy this week and can forgive this St Kilda fan for saying I hope you don’t get to have the same feeling next year as I want to be in your position.

Now on to talking more about the event of the Brownlow, while it is a night for the players it is also a night for those who sacrifice the most and that is the WAGS. Now I understand that people will be upset by that argument but at the end of the day they do sacrifice so much to be there and support their partners as they chase the dreams they have had since they first laced up a pair of boots and had their hands on a sherrin.

Pictures: News Corp Australia, AAP

This year’s Brownlow seems to be one of the most hotly contested in recent years with up to 7 players a genuine chance of taking home the award, and those players are; Christian Petracca and Clayton Oliver from the Demon’s, Marcus Bontemplli and Jack Macrae from the Western Bulldogs, Sam Walsh from Carlton, Ollie Wines from Port and my hope to win it Jack Steele from my team St Kilda.

Ollie Wines, Marcus Bontempelli and Clayton Oliver are the three favourites to win the Brownlow Medal.Source: FOX SPORTS

Now for those of you who are unaware of how the Brownlow is decided, after the completion of every game the umpires award points on a 3,2,1 basis for who they adjudicate as being the best on ground in the fixtures. Those votes are then sealed until the night of the ceremony when all votes are tallied and the winner is announced. However, should a player be suspended at any point during the regular season they are ruled ineligible and can’t win the Brownlow.

So now you are caught up on how the procedure of how to determine the winner, let’s look at how this year’s award could possibly play out. Now while you would expect to see the main players in the big teams lose votes in a similar vein to what occurs in the NRL that does not happen as often due to the sheer competitive nature of the games. Now I’m not saying it won’t happen as you can never say never but it is a frequent occurrence, those top tier players are more likely to lose votes to each other when their teams play against each other.


This season I feel like it is the hardest to pick the player who will go home with the medal draped around their neck as when it comes to the players in contention all of them have had what seems to be career best seasons and in the case of Jack Steele from St Kilda yet another club best and fairest year, while all the other players are easily the favorites to win the gong at their respective clubs. As much as I want to give my prediction of who will win it I can’t and the only real prediction I can give is this year could end with multiple winners.

A final point I want to bring up is what I think is the good news story from the event already and that is the reported acceptance of an invite to the event by past winner and West Coast Eagles legend Ben Cousins to attend the ceremony. I’m not ashamed to admit that Cousins was one of my favorite players back in the day, now while he hasn’t always done the right things off the field and has had numerous encounters with the constabulary, it to me is a major sign that things might finally be turning out for the better.

Ben Cousins turned out for the Queens Park Bulldogs in the Perth Metro Football League. Image: Getty

I understand the Ben Cousins situation is still a touchy subject for a lot of people given the wrong doings he has made in the past but given this year’s biggest event week on the AFL calendar is in Perth and we can possibly have one of the great players to come out of W.A be at the event to kick off the week and show us the turn around he has made with his life from where he was at the start of the last decade to now is truly a good way to start the week off. But enough of that now we have come to the end of this article don’t forget to tune in to the awards and join in the start of the most grandest week in the AFL season as we crown the Brownlow Medalist for 2021.

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