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Here we are the end of the season so we all know what that means right. It’s the same question that everyone seems to know the answer to and that is; Who will win the Dally M medal? The award for the best player in the NRL every season 

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Now yes this is definitely the biggest honor in the game besides winning the grand final, but is it truly the best player that wins it? I honestly feel that it isn’t awarded correctly. We just need to look at how it was announced that Jack Wighton won the medal last year. Now not to take away from that moment for Jack but to have it announced before it was done so officially is an absolute joke. Now that isn’t the worst part though, as every year the votes are public until usually round 16 and is only voted on by media personalities which I feel is ridiculous. 

Now what I’m about to say may seem controversial but there needs to be an overhaul on the way the Dally M is decided going forward. Another massive blight is the medal use to say “the best & fairest” now it has no reverence to that and it irritates me more then it probably should. It is something that needs to be rectified and changed as it stands if a player is suspended, they lose 3 points for every game in which they are suspended, that is a joke. It should be once you are suspended you are ineligible to win the medal let’s see it given to the true best and fairest in the game. 

Another point I made earlier is how the points are awarded by the media personalities that could possibly have bias towards certain players due to links to clubs or other reasons, so I feel that we scrap the way the votes are cast and no longer have any rounds of votes made public. The way I would like to see the voting system going forward is the official’s (ref and the 2 touch judges) come together after the game to award the 3, 2, 1 vote for who they believe are the best and fairest players in the game they just oversaw. Once these votes are cast they are then placed in a sealed envelope that isn’t opened again until the night the votes are counted very similar to the Brownlow in the AFL. 

Now I know this will anger most of those in the media who will lose their votes but you can still announce at the awards your team of the season and have that as the media votes. Now the media companies can still award their own player of the year awards, but leave the Dally M medal to be awarded truly just from the NRL for the player that is not only just the best but also the fairest. 

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