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Winner from Night 1 of the Dally M awards

So, I’m not really a massive NRL fan, but since we’ve not done anything from night 1 of the Dally M awards, I figured ill step up and deliver. This year for some bizarre reason, the powers at be from the NRL and the Media think it will make it better. Time will tell, and I’m no Psychic, but I think it will suck over 2 nights.

Anyway, the awards announced on night 1 of the awards are realistically the minor ones, Try of the Year, Tackle of the year, we see the nominations for coach of the year and the count in the Dally M award itself up to round 19. So clearly it makes sense to do over 2 nights. Am I missing something?

In 2021 the winner of try of the year went to Manly Sea Eagles fullback Tom Trobojevic. The try came in the dying minutes of their game against the North Queensland Cowboys. A kick into the Manly in goal area from Cowboys hooker Jake Granville was picked up by winger Ruben Garrick who looked exhausted as he returned the ball out past the 20-metre line, he then passed it out to Daly Cherry-Evans who carried it down the touchline broadcast side before putting a kick in-field that was collected by Tommy Turbo who stepped past the last defender and scored. Check out the video of it on the NRL Twitter @NRL. It was a great try.

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Tackle of the Year for the 2021 NRL season came from a winger which will surely anger the forwards fraternity who think all winger do is score tries. The award went to the Brisbane Broncos winger Xavier Coates against the South Sydney Rabbitohs. After Dane Gagai intercepted the ball on his own 10 metre line, he ran down the line with support on his outside being chased by 3 Broncos defenders. As Gagai ran inside 30 metres Xavier Coates, in a moment that reminded me of Scott Sattler in the 2003 Grand Final for Penrith, tackled Gagai over the top and into touch. In what was a disappointing year for the Brisbane Broncos, its nice to see they won something.

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Again, check out the NRL twitter page for the video.

The nominations for coach of the year were also announced. So, we get to wait a whole week to see Craig Bellamy win another coach of the year award. The other nominees are Ivan Cleary (Penrith Panthers), Wayne Bennett (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Trent Robinson (Sydney Roosters), Des Hasler (Manly Sea Eagles). All good coaches, but when you see what Bellamy has done yet again with the Melbourne Storm, in their 1st season without on and off the field leader Cam Smith, I can’t see them giving it to anybody else. I mean they won like 19 games in a row, before the “Might Parramatta Eels” knocked them off 2 weeks before the finals. Maybe, just maybe they’ll give it to Des Hasler for what he did with Manly when no one expected them do be as good as they were.

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Finally, the voting up to round 19 of the NRL season, as voted by members of the media (So totally not biased at all) currently stands as follows.

Nathan Cleary (Penrith Panthers) 21 points

Tom Trobojevic (Manly Sea Eagles) 20 points

Cody Walker (South Sydney Rabbitohs) 20 points (3-point deduction)

Daly Cherry-Evans (Manly Sea Eagles) 17

James Tedesco (Sydney Roosters) 15

Now unlike the AFL who actually does an amazing job with the Brownlow’s, and if you cop a suspension over the season, you are no longer eligible. Cody Walker despite a season ending suspension for a sickening hit on the Roosters Joey Manu which ended his season, Somehow the NRL still allow him to be considered for the award. If justice prevails, hopefully one of the other contenders will win it. Also, it really should be voted on by the Referees, yes, they are terrible most of the time, but that have a feel for the game each week and have no bias.

We’ll be back next week with a wrap up of the awards, probably on the Chat from the Back podcast with Benny, Scotty and myself. Make sure you give this Blog a like. I tried man, I really tried.

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