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Does the A-League really need a new logo?

Does the A-League really need a new logo?

The 2021/22 A-League season is just over one month away. Although the Covid lockdowns in NSW and Victoria may have something to say about that. And yet as all the teams are releasing there new kits for the upcoming season, ALL without the A-Leagues new logo, the fans are asking; Does the A-League really need a new logo?

Most of the clubs have officially released there new kits, all be it some in horrible lighting so you cant quite get a decent look at them (Melbourne Victory). And aside from one unfortunate leak showing the potential new logo, cheers City, and Sydney FC having the past seasons logo on there reveal. The rest of the jersey reveals have all featured no logo leaving fans to speculate where the logo will be positioned.

Photo Taken from A League’s Facebook page

Ideally, we as football fans would like to see the logo on the shoulder. It’s there in the English Premier League and most other leagues around the world. And I for one would like to see that happen here. Unfortunately I doubt that’s going to happen, and it will probably be on the right side of the chest as you wear it, if you look at the leaked photo, again cheers City. Although it is a little hard to tell.

Like me, a lot of A-League fans are still wondering why the APL has decided to change the logo/badge. Yes, a new Tv rights holder means a fresh start viewing wise for the code and league, back on Free to Air for the first time since the Friday night Match of the Round on SBS. But it was only redesigned in 2017 to incorporate each clubs Colour on the clubs kit. And I highly doubt the person they’re paying a ridiculous amount of money to change the logo again, will come up with anything close to as good.

Photo courtesy of Aleague.com.au

I’m very happy the league is now under the control of people who have the future of the league at the forefront. But this logo change seems to be them trying to change too much, what are they going to change next? Our beloved Premiership trophy, nicknamed the Toilet seat. I’m all for changing elements of the league and certain rules, but the logo/badge was fine.

Photo courtesy of Sportingnews.com/au

If they’re looking for things to change within the league, maybe look at some of the rules. Like how a club can’t buy a player from another A-League club and has to wait for players to come off contract to sign them. You can still keep the salary cap and teams obviously will have to be mindful of that. But for clubs like the Mariners who turn out star after star, why should they have to sit by and watch players not resign with them and move to other clubs and receive nothing in return. It might be a big change, but for a club like the Mariners who don’t bring in a lot of money or have wealthy owners, it’s a chance to make profit on the effort and time they put into developing these players.

So this blog was meant to be mainly about the logo change, but I’ll squeeze in a popular potential rule change when I can. And if the powers at be ever read this, hopefully they’ll take my advice and make that change.


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