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Another year, Another predictable Dally M winner- but did they get it right?

So, this will be probably the shortest blog we ever do for the site. After night 2 of the Dally M awards event, we are yet again treated to a predictable winner as voted by the media. When will the NRL learn and just copy the already superiors AFL night of nights the Brownlow, when it comes to the way the votes are submitted?

To let everyone, know whose reading this because if you’re like me, you would’ve not really heard much about the winner on night to but more about how the Storm let loose in the off season, Tom “Tommy Turbo” Trobojevic won the coveted Dally M Medal for 2021. Now in all honesty I actually agree with this winner. Tom had a phenomenal year and was largely the reason Manly made it as far as they did this year. Before he returned from his injury, they were 0 and 4 and coach Des Hasler was considered to be on the hot seat. But because of Tom being the magician he is, Manly made it to the Preliminary final where they were humbled by South Sydney and eliminated from the finals.

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Toms amazing form also saw his coach Des Hasler, who as mentioned before was on the hotseat after 4 weeks, be in contention for the Coach of the Year award. The award, As predicted by myself in my Night 1 review blog was obviously won by Melbourne Storms Craig Bellamy, after he guided his side to 19 straight wins, a record for the NRL. So well done to Tom Trobojevic and Craig Bellamy on your awards.

Also, on the night the 2021 Team of the Year was announced. I’m gunna be honest, I don’t really care about that award so I kind of didn’t include it, but congrats to those players.

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Last thing I want to say on this night. The NRL referees, as bad as they are, should be the ones who vote on the Dally M medal winner. Only they, again, as bad as they are, truly get an understanding for a player’s impact on the match. Not the media who are watching it and have about as much of a clue as you or I. The media can vote on the Coach, Captain and Team of the year. Give them the less important awards. That way we truly no who the Best player for the season is, and there is largely no bias involved. And if you have been suspended during the season, you should be ineligible to be considered the Best player for that season, none of this minus 3 points crap. Taken out of the running. It should be the BEST and FAIREST not just the medias favourite. It just so happens that this season, those players were both Tom Trobojevic.

So once again, Congratulations Tommy Trobojovic and Craig Bellamy on your awards. Well deserved, and I should get a word for spelling Tom’s name right as many times as I did.

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