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What did they do to our Logo?

What did they do to our A-League Logo?

I wrote a few weeks back as teams were releasing there 2021/22 kits, about the APL’s want to change the A-Leagues Logo. What we got as a result was a great message and idea, but a horrible actual logo.

I wanna start by saying, the message and the goal of this new logo is great. Instead of saying The A-League , W-League and National Youth League or whatever its going to be called. All three of the divisions will now all be called The A-Leagues. It would be A-League Men, A-League Women and A-League Youth. So, I guess you could finally say, Canberra United are in the A-League. Yes, it’s a recycled joke, I don’t care.

This is yet another move that the APL and Paramount Plus/ Channel 10 have made that shows they truly care about the growth of the domestic game in Australia. The expansion of the A-League Womens competition was a massive step, the constant talk around the national second division shows confidence in the financial viability of a promotion relegation system in Australia. But this new logo man, I don’t know how to feel.

Photo Courtesy Sydney Morning Herald

On one hand its fresh and on some jerseys, it doesn’t look half bad with it on, but when I see it on the Sydney FC home jersey, It just doesn’t look right. Now obviously its fresh and new, it may very well grow on me, but at the moment I know I’m not alone when I say its Garbage. A-League Memes has shared not just their own memes on the logo but also other people’s memes of the new logo. And apparently an Adelaide building company is thinking of suing the APL for the likeness of the new logo to their own.

Photo Courtesy of sportingnews.com

The colour of the branding on the new logo was really poor as well. I know that the colours will mimic those of the club’s colours, but for the launch it is an odd colour choice. Very bright and kind of annoying and in your face. I don’t understand why we don’t use the traditional colours of the league when we do this type of thing.

Photo Courtesy of Sydneyfc.com.au

Another thing that I think as a league they need to do away with is the leagues badge on the chest. Let’s move it to the sleeve where it is in all of the major leagues around Europe and the world. Even in the J-League they have it on there sleeve. Leave the chest for the club’s logo and the kit manufacturers logo. The league is secondary when it comes to the Kit.

Horrible logo aside, the new rights holders clearly have the future growth of the game at the forefront. Starting off the free to air coverage with a Sydney derby. It will surely do huge numbers for channel 10, unfortunately there is likely to be 5000 people in the stands taking away from the atmosphere of the game. Hopefully by November 20 NSW will be in a better spot Covid restrictions wise and that number will be close to capacity. We’ll have to wait and see.

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