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RedSox still own the Yankees

Start Spreadin the News, DAAAA JANKEES LOSE.

The Wild Card round for the American League went through Fenway Park, Boston, and the New York Yankees and there $36m million dollar a year man Gerrit Cole Stumbled again.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

The Boston RedSox have yet again knocked out our bitter rivals the New York Yankees 6-2 at the beautiful Fenway Park. And what made the win even sweeter, is the Yankees Ace on the mound Cole was gone in 2 innings after Rafael Devers and Kyle Schwarber before Alex Verdugo with 2 massive hits drove in 3 runs to put the win beyond doubt. Lucky for me Giancarlo Stanton who I may or may not have put some funds on to hit a home run as a jinx bet came through with one in garbage time.

Phot Credit: Images/Winslow Townson

2020 was a season to forget last year for the Sox, finishing in last place in the AL East and having to watch someone else knock the Yankees out of the playoffs, but still Thank You Tampa Bay. Luckily for us Sox fans we still had a small glimmer of happiness seeing our beloved fan favourite Mookie Betts win a ring with the Dodgers. Although I do sort of still resent him for leaving us, but he had to chase the money, can’t hate him for that.

Yet again, after spending Millions of Millions of dollars, leading them to the 2nd highest payroll in the game this year behind the defending champions LA Dodgers, and yet again it has all been for nothing. And that makes me happy. 2009 is the last time the Yankees Won the World Series and since the RedSox broke the curse of Bambino in 2004 we have won 4 World Series titles to the Yankees 1, but they’ll keep reminding you of there 27 titles, most of which happened before the 1960’s and all but 5 happened in mine and probably your lifetimes. And to be fair, most of there fans who will remind you of that fact also have only seen 5 titles.

Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Ill be honest, during the regular season Baseball kind of takes a backseat to other sports, mainly because it’s a 162-game regular season and while I always keep track of the standings, it really heats up for me in the post season. Post Season baseball is legit the best to watch, and when your team plays your bitter rivals, AND WINS it doesn’t get any better than that. And let’s face it, the city of Boston and New England region is screaming for a title, it’s been 2 whole years since we last got to celebrate a championship and it’s too damn long. The Bruins have been so close, but now we have the RedSox, and while its still a long way to go, but we have a team of destiny on our hands. Tampa in the next round will be tough, but form and momentum are huge in the post season, and the Sox have that on their side now.

Ill finish it with some words I’ve said many times over the last 24 hours; LETS GO REDSOX, YANKEES SUCK.

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