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What to do when Sport is Quiet in Oz?

On Sunday we saw the end of the Footy season as we know it this season, leaving us with the age-old question; What do I watch now?

Well, I have a few options for you depending on what you like. Its just over 40 something days until the A-League kicks off so we have some time to kill. Australian sports might be quiet right now, but the US is dishing up some great viewing.

Let’s start with the obvious one, Baseball. I blogged last night about my Boston RedSox and their great win over the  hapless and terrible NY Yankees in the 2021 Baseball Postseason. And after todays LA v St Louis NL Wildcard game, the Division series games will be keeping us entertained almost every day for weeks. And as I said in my Blog yesterday, Post Season baseball is as good as it gets. And if you’re like me and just live and breathe sport, this is the time of year to get into it.

TONY GUTIERREZ, ASSOCIATED PRESS Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate after winning the 22020 World Series.

If Baseball isn’t your go, might I recommend American Football. I am a massive fan of both the NFL and College Football. And throughout the week you really only have to go 2 days without a game (Wed & Thur). Let’s start with NFL, because I’m slowly converting my Roommate into a fan. If your new to the sport, Pick a team and follow them through everything. If you like winning teams, you bandwagoner, follow the Chiefs, Bucs, LA Rams, or a team like the Chargers with a good young QB and a positive future. Or if you like suffering and an underdog, maybe try the Lions, Giants, Jaguars, or I hate to say it, my New England Patriots. You’ve missed out on the golden years of TB12, but we have a bright future with rookie QB Mac Jones.

And if you really like to suffer, and have zero expectations for success, might I recommend the Hapless terrible God Damn New York Jets. You’ll never have to worry about having your expectations hurt, because they’ll be so low you won’t feel disappointment. And when you do experience the small amount of success, like say making the playoffs, you’ll appreciate it even more…….it just won’t ever happen.

Jets fans during the forgettable 2012 season Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

College Football on the other hand is possibly the greatest sport in the world aside from Football(soccer). Pick yourself a team and get involved in all of it. The Tailgating, Gameday, Game itself. Every year the hope and dream is alive to have an unbeaten season, Beat your rivals, and depending on the conference maybe even go all the way to the National Championship. College football is even amazing to watch. The sound of the band when your teams on the attack or the noise when the away team is attacking as they try to drown out play calls from the coach and QB. While you may not get to see your team on Foxtel, Kayo or Channel 7 every week, there are apps out there that you can download to see your team play every week.

Photo Courtesy of:

Now I’m a fan of every American sports league, but on of my favourites is the NHL (National Hockey League). And if you’ve never supported it, watched it and you don’t have a team, the Seattle Kraken are beginning their debut season in the league so you can even jump on a team from day zero. And there not a bad looking team, great Jerseys, and a great city, plus their going to be ok on the ice as well and could even get to the Play Offs. The Bruins are good to be a Burins fan. But the point is, Hockey is awesome, watch hockey, Go Bruins. Also, there’s a game on every day of the week and a lot over the weekend, you just might need to get yourself NHL Game pass to see them all.

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The NBA is also starting up again soon, Basketball is good, and it could be a tough open season this year. Also, the MLS is gearing up to the Play Offs as well. The point is, while it may be the off season for us here in Australia, there is plenty of sport to immerse yourself in abroad.

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