WBC – Heavyweight Championship or Heavyweight Farce

So here we are less than 12 hours before the main event that sees Tyson Fury finally defend his WBC Heavyweight Title against Ex-WBC Heavyweight Champion and who was dethroned by Tyson himself, The Bronze Bomber – Deontay Wilder. This is going to go down as the greatest heavyweight fight of all time…… SAID NO ONE!

Photo courtesy of KhaleeJmag

As far as I am concerned, the WBC should be stripped of all boxing governance and be banned from boxing. This rematch smells of something that Don King would have had his hands in. Fury defeated Wilder back in February 2020 and has not stepped into the ring since, well actually both men have not looked like contemplating getting back in the ring. Although if you listen to Fury he is already ready.

No I will first address both fighters. I think Tyson Fury is a fantastic pure boxer. For someone of 6’9 and 270lbs he can move and is very fluid and his punches are accurate. His only question mark is his knockout strength, but we have recently seen the contrary of that question with Oleksandr Usyk’s victory over Anthony Joshua a few short weeks ago. Where you do not need the huge KO Power to win a fight. His opponent former WBC Champ Deontay Wilder, well it is public knowledge that he doesn’t possess slick boxing skills but has natural deadly KO Power that any fighter would be weary of. That being said both men have become a complete joke to the sport and quite frankly this fight should never go ahead.

My first point would be Wilder’s so called legacy. It took him 40 fights until he faced a top heavyweight in that of Cuban Heavyweight Luis Ortiz, who was 39 at the time of their first fight back in 2018. Once Wilder claimed the WBC title, WBC and Wilder’s camp cherry picked his fights and only took on “Big Name” Opponents when they were well past their use by date. The first fight with Fury was only taken because Fury hadn’t fought since his victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. Fury had then in 2018 fought in June and August before facing Wilder for the first time in December of 2018. Wilder saw Fury as an easy name to get a win over, as Fury was well under conditioned and was perceived to not being able to stand with Wilder.

In what was for everyone other than the judges that night, Fury gave Wilder a boxing lesson for the ages and just picked him a part for the full 12 rounds. Although Wilder did put Fury down twice, the second time was in the final round and everyone thought the fight was over. Under the guidance of his mystical gypsy magic, he arose from the canvas to finish the round and the fight out as the aggressor. The fight was rule a split draw.

The following year (2019) Wilder stepped back into the ring to offset any damage that the result against Fury would have impacted the facade that the WBC had built around him. The first fight was an easy 1st round KO of Domnic Breazeale and then a rematch against the ageing Luis Ortiz. Ortiz did test Wilder, but nonetheless he stopped Ortiz in the 7th round.

Tyson Fury on the other hand reached the Heavyweight Summit in 2015 when he defeated Legendary Wladimir Klitschko to Win WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, and The Ring heavyweight titles. That result sparked off a spiraling number of negative events for Fury who went on to balloon in weight, suffer from depression, partook in recreational and performance enhancing drugs (PED’s have been reported, but not officially proven). Those events led to the stripping of the titles and thus Fury never defending those belts inside the ring.

Photo supplied by Badlefthook

Once he got himself clean and in a supportive mind set he embarked on his comeback. In 2018 he had three fights in the back end of the year which culminated in the December bout with Deontay Wilder. After the split draw was announced and rightly so to the shock of the entire world he much like Wilder, jumped straight back into the ring for what was perceived as easy fights. The first one was an easy match up against Tom Schwarz who only lasted 2 rounds before losing in a TKO , and then Fury took on Otto Wallin. The Swede opened up a cut on Fury’s right eye in the 3rd round and it was a cut that affected him for the remainder of the bout. Fury was cleared by a doctor in the 6th round to continue but I have seen lesser cuts having the ability to stop a fight. That fight changed Fury. He danced all around Wilder until getting caught in the last round and then Wallin opening him up with ease. He is used to being the much bigger fighter and having the reach advantage that no fighter can close the distance.

Supplied by BoxingNews24

Fast forward to February 2020, The Rematch. Both men verbally sparred in the lead up and the same old rhetoric was thrown around regarding each of them killing the other. But this fight, Wilder looked off from the start and Fury took full advantage and even though not landing what seemed to be fight ending punches did manage to finish Wilder inside of 7 rounds.

The aftermath!!!!!!!!!! Wilder and his merry men of fanboys (Internet based fans, who seem to know less about boxing than I do about Global Warming) has since accused Fury and his camp of cheating. The accusations include, Loaded Gloves – Drink Spiking – Gypsy Magic – and then Wilder also blamed the weight of his walk out costume, he said it was so heavy that it drained his legs and he wasn’t able to stand on his own. Fury during this time has had zero intentions of defending his belt and in my opinion has been showing signs of falling of the tracks again like he did after defeating Klitschko.

It’s been 20 months since their second fight and neither of them have even looked close to returning to the ring. Yes, Covid put a damper on such events. But Eddie Hearn had being able to bring back boxing during the pandemic and Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk have all found success with Covid safe events. Yet these two so called warriors are just content to have a verbal stoush like petty schoolyard bullies.

Before this fight was announced Fury did publicly announce a super fight for the unification of the Heavyweight Belts against Anthony Joshua. Less than a week later the Wilder fight was announced and a date was set. An arbitration ruled that Wilder should be given his contractual rematch. I don’t doubt for a second that Wilder was due this fight, but much like all of the mandatory fighters that have been #1 contenders for years, Wilder could and should have sat out and took the winner of the unification. But once again The WBC want complete control over where the belt goes.

I can’t see this fight going ahead in a few hours and I half expect there to be a new strain of Covid that Fury finds inside his gloves and Wilder needs to isolate. Who ever wins the outcome doesn’t matter as either of them will not fight Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua. Fighting one armed leppers or you tube fanboys will be too much of a pull for them.

Either way I hope after today that we never hear there names again and we can reclaim the sport of Boxing.

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