Will there ever be a Unification of The Heavyweight Boxing Belts?

So did Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury serve me up a handsome slice of humble pie?

Where is my Mummy? – Photo Credit – Al Bello/Getty Images

My answer to that question, Yes & No. In my last post I never questioned their abilities as professional athletes, it was more their heart and how they portrayed themselves and the lack of respect that they seemed to have for the boxing world at large.

Firstly Congratulations to Tyson Fury for his 11th round KO of The Bronze Bomber Deontay Wilder, and retaining the WBC and The Ring Heavyweight Titles. I didn’t expect the fight to go ahead and if reports are to be believed Wilder was still accusing Fury of tampering with his gloves and was refusing to fight. Alas common sense prevailed and the both fighters put on a show.

The Current WBC Heavyweight Champ – Tyson Fury – Photo Credited to Ethan Miller/Getty Images

What we saw from Wilder was what I perceived as a game plan. For the opening few round he was using the jab and for most part used it quite well. But Fury like a true champion found a way to combat that. In the fourth round Fury put Wilder on the canvas. At this point much like the rest of the world I was betting that Wilder would stay down. BUT!!! He arose! He was probably saved by the bell as cliche as it comes.

Wilder came out of the corner with menace, still showing signs of the previous knockdown but took the fight to Fury. He dropped Fury twice within that round and it was fight on. Both men looked tired and showing signs of battle fatigue. The fight looked like a game of “Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots”. Both guys standing throwing big shots and then engaging in the clinch. Wilder dropped his game plan and overloaded his right hand, meanwhile Fury just kept landing.

Fury dropped Wilder two more times with the last one being the KO blow and ending the contest. What I expected to be a complete slap in the face to sport of boxing became a fight that held my attention for the entire duration. It made me proud to be a boxing fan.

BOOM!! Photo Credit – Al Bello/Getty Images


There is always a BUT!!

When pressed in the post fight presser, Fury has refused to name his next opponent. No future predictions. No wish list of fighters that can complete his legacy as possibly one of the greatest fighters in history. He went on to say that he needs a break and he has only spent two weeks at home in the past six months. I get that family comes first, but this is a man that has just completed his 2nd fight in 20 months. No mention of Joshua or Usyk or even a Jake Paul match up. I feel that Fury will bask in this victory for way too long until he develops a rivalry with an opponent that is not even ranked. The heavyweight division and fans of the division deserve to see the division unified.

Hmmm He can actually punch – Vnexplorer.net

No excuses from Wilder or his camp about what happened tonight. And I certainly hope there isn’t any. Wilder definitely turned up to fight but his best just wasn’t good enough. Maybe if he didn’t spend over half of his career fighting un-ranked fighters then maybe just maybe he would have developed more skills then just a powerful right hand.

Whatever happens now is out of our hands, but don’t hold our breaths in thinking that the WBC Heavyweight Title will be put up on the Unified status in the near future.

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