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My 5 takeaways from the Sports Weekend

It only occurred to me on Friday night that I forgot to do my takeaways from the previous week, and rather than include those in this week’s blog, I’m just going to move on and pretend it never happened.

My first takeaway from this past sports week is No matter what the NRL does or thinks its doing, they never live up to the community expectation when it comes to punishing players for off field issues. Yet again when faced with a pretty clear-cut situation, both the NRL and the Melbourne Storm bungle there way to an inadequate punishment because of moronic actions by players and club officials. And the NRL’s relaxed approach when dealing with the Storms response is laughable.

Getty: Speed Media

If you haven’t seen it, 2 storm players were photographed with an allegedly Illegal substance, and rather than drug test the 2 players involved so they could confirm what every fan suspect, they didn’t, and the players coped a 1 game suspension from the NRL. But a player who was arrested for getting a bit rowdy while on the drink cops a 2 games suspension, despite Alcohol not being Illegal. If you wanna know more about the NRL’s pathetic efforts in disciplining bad player behavior, FanBabble Ben has a great blog about it.

The next Takeaway I have from the sports week is the race for the Formula 1 Drovers championship. At last nights Turkish GP, Mercedes Valtteri Bottas took the win ahead of Max Verstappen in 2nd. With that 2nd place finish and a 5th place finish for Lewis Hamilton after taking a new engine and coping a 10-place grid penalty, Max takes back the lead of the championship by 6 points. And as I said in my blog last week, it is by far the closest race for the title we’ve seen in a while that didn’t include Mercedes handing Rosberg the title over Lewis to stop the cry-baby whinging. The fact he retired at the end of that season is further proof he knew he couldn’t compete with Lewis on a level playing field.

Valtteri Bottas topped the podium ahead of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez (Getty Images)

With only 6 races remaining in the season, this one will surely go down to the wire. Despite Max having the 6-point lead at the moment, I still believe Lewis Hamilton is going to win this years Drivers Championship and Mercedes will once again be Constructors champions. But it is going to be close.

My third takeaway from the week is, I really don’t like international weeks in football. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching England play, and occasionally will check out how the “Socceroos” are doing, but why does it have to come at the expense of the domestic game. We have 2 off seasons free per 4-year world cup cycle. Why can’t we have a qualifying tournament for continental tournaments the year after the World cup and the world Cup qualifiers in the off-season after the Continental championships. This way we don’t have to have players potentially getting injured during these weeks and missing domestic games, and more importantly we don’t have weeks in between games. Unless its Europe over Christmas, thank god for the Premier League, right?

Fourth on my list is the Baseball Post Season beginning in the states, and for myself it couldn’t have gone any better. My Boston RedSox eliminating the New York Yankees 6-2 at Fenway Park in the AL Wild Card game. The fourth time since 2004 that the RedSox have knocked the Yankees out of the post season, you know how many time the Yankees have knocked the Sox out of the post season? No? well its ZERO, ZERO times. And since that win the RedSox are now 2-1 up in the ALDS against Tampa and looking at achieving something no one expected them to, knocking out the 1st place Rays and moving on, although I’m not celebrating yet. As I said on the Star-Spangled Sportscast on the FanBabble Sports network “If the RedSox beat the Rays, And the LA Dodgers get eliminated by the Giants, The RedSox will Win the 2021 Baseball World Series.

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

My last take away from the week is a small one but it’s a weird feeling not having Bathurst the weekend after the NRL Grand Final. For as long as I can remember growing up it went NRL GF into Bathurst the week after, and not having it that way this season was confusing, and I didn’t like it. The only positive is that we have Bathurst to look forward to after we get through 4 race weekends at Sydney Motorsport Park. Yet again the VASC schedulers are taking the piss with the way this season has gone. They should just abandon the normal Championship and just have a big weekend at Bathurst to pinpoint the year. And look forward to hopefully an uninterrupted 2022 season.

Photo Courtesy of

I am FanBabble Jamie and those are my takeaways from the sports week.

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