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Could we finally be seeing an A-league men’s (wow that fees weird to write) team in Canberra? Are you hopeful of that being announced? Let’s take a quick look at the likelihood of that being what the A-league’s recent reply to a question was. 

Now if you are like me and a few others here at Fanbabble Sports, then the prospect of Canberra United not just being in the women’s league but also the men’s is like having grasped the figurative brass ring. While it is no guarantee to happen it is seemingly more likely then it has been in the past when expansion has been on the cards. 

Canberra have had a successful women’s team that has helped lead a pus
sh for more Picture: Sitthixay Ditthavong

One of the other major factors that i think could benefit the game and Canberra teams in being competitive from the outset would be down to the fact the AIS may be moving. Yes I may sound crazy to think of it like this but Canberra as a franchise can bring all teams together and all train out of the one base which could drive all the teams on to success in their league’s by bouncing different strategy’s off of each other.

We just need to look at the A-league women’s league that has for the upcoming season added the Wellington Phoenix to the fray now leaving on the Mariners, MacArthur and Western United as the only A-league men’s team without representation in the women’s equivalent. This will surely not be the same for long given the way the game finally appears to be moving forward with the decisions seemingly made by people with the betterment of the game and mind. 

The Nix will field an A-league women’s team for the first time Photo: PHOTOSPORT

As strange as the new logo looks and I will state I am still impartial to the original A-league logo, they way the are now linking the 3 leagues together in term’s of men’s, women’s and youth under the one banner is a sign of the togetherness moving forward. This leads me to the point of this post Canberra in the men’s A-league, the way that the game is being brought together like this seems to some of us here at Fanbabble like they want all clubs represented in all the league’s and that can only be a good thing. 

However should that eventuate then we have another issue for the game, the bye weeks will be back. But that can be answered by 1 simple move bring in 2 teams not just one. I’m not saying a team in NSW or Victoria as the competition’s are already heavily represented in those area’s. I believe we need to get a step ahead of the other codes in Australia and go somewhere they haven’t yet and that is either the NT or Tasmania. 

Now I’m not saying that these are easy places to set up for the league but I honestly feel if we as a game have the strength to take on areas and base stand alone teams in either of these areas instead of taking token games there like other teams in other codes do will that not potentially entice younger people or families with young children to come to the worlds game. By looking at the 2 options I’m providing here yes one seems very doable and the other one obviously seems ever highly unlikely I’ve been thinking about the harder option and feel like that could be the statement to the other codes. 

The A-league men have previously played some match’s in Tasmania. Image taken from fable.com.au

Now it is obvious that that the doable option is Tasmania and I think it stems from the way that it is very similar to Wellington and New Zealand in terms of the weather but why go easy. While this seems highly controversial and I’m not saying that I’m the only person with this thought but I’m sure there wouldn’t be many more with it. Let’s go to the NT, but more let’s get a team in Darwin. 

I’m sure a majority of you are reading this with the same thoughts that many I’ve spoken to about this have had. Won’t it be to hot? It will be to dangerous for the players. No fans will want to go there. So let’s answer these in reverse order to work out the validity of the argument from my point of view. 

No fans will travel. 

While that could be the case I know for myself I would look at taking a week off of work to make a holiday out of it and to see what else I could do around where ever the team is based and game played. I would even try to learn about the indigenous peoples of the regions and make the most of my spare time up there that way. 

It will be to dangerous for the players, won’t it be to hot?

Yes I’m not an idiot and can understand that it would be dangerous for the players to go out and compete in the heat that is experienced over summer in that part of the country. However, my solution can also entice fan’s who are hesitant about venturing up to see their team play there, play the games on a Saturday or Sunday night. 

An FFA cup game in Darwin drew 3000 fans. Image from Mal Impiombato via abc.net.au

Now yes I’ve stayed in previous posts on this site talking about other codes and the fact that weighting the draw in this sort of a fashion can be seen as favouritism but if it could be a way to get a team in a nation competition from the NT then let’s look at it. Now I’m not saying that all of there games should be on those days at night as when they play away games then they could play in the afternoon or something like that depending on the amount of games to fit in over the course of the weekend. 

So if as game those issues can be worked out and sorted through, why couldn’t we have a team in the NT? I for one would as stated love to go and make it a great experience. Although I’m probably getting ahead of myself with this post we should just be happy that it appears that we will finally be getting a team in the A-league men’s that can unite Canberra. 

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