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Well there we have it another trade period is said and done. Unlike previous years there haven’t really been any major ground breaking trades in this years period. The only real “BIG” changes that occurred had already been talked about prior the period starting. 

As you may be aware I am a St Kilda supporter, if you didn’t know then now you do. So I will begin by having a look at the way they have attacked this years trade period compared to previous years and weather or not they have gone at it any differently. 

Taken from Fanbabble Bens facebook page

For my side St Kilda in comparison to previous years trading, we really did not do to much. After spending the last few trade windows bringing in more experienced bodies from other teams that seemed to work it looks like the sainters may have changed their tactics when it comes to trades for the time being. 

This year St Kilda seemed to be more about trading picks and even trying to trade up the picks they have. Have they shown that they are happy with the experience of the squad that we have together at the moment and just want to bring in some younger flashy sort of stars to extend the potential flag window?

Bobby Hill of the Giants (Photo by Jonathan DiMaggio/Getty Images)

One of the big issues coming out of the end of trade period this year is how will GWS fair after even though being able to keep a hold of Bobby Hill even though he wanted to go back to Melbourne for compassionate reasons. Admittedly it isn’t through a lack of trying to secure the move for him as they appeared to have some moves arranged to facilitate the trade but they broke down for one reason or another. 

The Giants did trade away Jeremy Finlayson to Port for the Powers future third-round pick which I think seems like a massive get for the Power. Admittedly it is a move that GWS agreed to with Finlayson having become a father for the first time over the course of the season. This is a move the Power definitely needed to make in terms of getting another player that can provide cover for Charlie Dixon who appears to be on a rapid decent towards the end of his career given how battered and bruised he seemed to be at the end of the most recent season.

Charlie Dixon reacts after injuring his ankle.Source: Getty Images

One thing that is quite interesting to me is how strong and stubborn North Melbourne were in the quest to retain the number 1 pick in the draft at the end of November. For what it’s worth apparently they received godfather like offers yet didn’t cave in and have been able to keep it. 

Now while this is one of my shorter pieces on this website, that for me stems from as I’ve stated not really being a hugely eventful trade window like the last few seasons. For me the big thing to come out of this years trade period is how teams worked over the trading of draft picks for the younger talent pool coming through. 

Jamarra Ugle-Hagan with Bailey Smith after being announced as the number 1 pick during the AFL Draft. Picture: Michael Willson/AFL Photos

I see the trust the leagues showed in the draftee’s coming through potentially being due to a point I raised in a previous post in which I looked at whether the last 2 years dealing with the pandemic has helped to creat better players through their work load of the field.

So now that we have seen the trades done all we need to do now is get ready to see the future stats of the game get a chance to live out their dream and get drafted to the AFL. However once they get drafted then the real work begins as they try and secure a spot in the best 22 at whatever team they land at.

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