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5 Takeaways from the Sports Week

Ok I am back again with my 5 biggest take aways from the week in sport, and I’ve gotta tell you, with not a lot happening in Australia I’m finding it kind of hard-to-find relevant sports topics to relate to Australia, so this might be a bit internationally biased.

My first takeaway is the Boston RedSox are a team of Destiny! No one expected them to beat the Yankees, and boy did we, No one expected them to win a game against the 1st placed Tampa Bay Rays, not only did we win a game but we gentlemanly swept them out of the playoffs after taking game 2 on the road and wining 2 walk off games at home. And now we take on the Astros, and after narrowly loosing the opening game of the series we went out in game to a beat the shit out of them to win game two 9-5 and take the series to Fenway park with the chance of going to the World Series! If we stay undefeated at home.

With the next 2 games at home at Fenway Park and the ability for our beloved green monster to drop potential Home Run balls into the outfield. Houston’s big hitters Altuve, Correa and Bregman will be seriously hampered and what is a homerun in Houston won’t be in Boston. Big advantage for our boys with balls in play  being the way we will crush Houston and move on. I’ve said it on Chat from the back and my own show, If we knock Houston out, we WILL win the World Series.

Troy Taromina USA Today Sports

My second takeaway from the sports week is yet again from the world of US sports and is simply, How good is Hockey! Now if you know me you know I love my hockey. Bruins fan for as long as I can remember, out of all the Sports teams in Boston and their championships I think the 2011 Stanley Cup championship is still the one that stands out the most to me. And to sit here now as we begin the 2022 season and still watch the likes of Bergeron and Marchand terrorise teams across the league is phenomenal. And this season, as with all seasons my hopes are high for another chance to see the B’s lift that Stanley Cup yet again. But this season in the league we welcome a new franchise out of Seattle. The Kraken have arrived and have hit the ground running. A close lost in there 1st ever game against the Golden Knights was quickly followed up by a win against the Nashville Predators, a win that will go down in history for the franchise as their 1st win ever.

I predicted they’d make the playoffs at the start of the season before a puck was dropped and having watch a bit of their first few games, I fully expect that predictions to come true. Maybe because there aren’t a lot of teams in the west that stand out as Championship contenders or because they play positive attacking hockey and look to outscore their opponent no matter who they are.

Barry Chin via the Boston Globe

The third takeaway is the spring horse racing scene. Having spent most of The Everest and Caufield cup days down at Northies with some mates having a good time and betting on the races, the lockdown is well and truly over. We arrived at about 11:30am to get a good seat and set up for the day and by about 2 when the main races started to kick into gear, the line outside Northies was growing as people wanted to get in for lunch and to have a punt. While this might not be 100% be a takeaway related to sport, it did put me in the mood to get out to the Cheers bar in Sydney for a few Man City games and get down to whatever pub on a Sunday for some College Football action. So, this takeaway is more about watching sports at venues is back.

This isn’t a paid advertisement, but I highly recommend getting down to Northies if you’re in the shire for a feed and a few beers. Great Atmosphere, Great Food and Good times always had.

Photo: Steve Hart. horseracing.com.au

The 4th thing I wanted to touch on is the English Premier League and more importantly that woeful side that was once great, Manchester United. I’ll fully hold my hand up and say that even as a Manchester City fan, when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo, I was legitimately worried that he was the final piece of the puzzle for that squad. They strengthened the defence, which was definitely their biggest weakness last season, and when you loom oat how Mason Greenwood slots into that attacking unit and the players around him, they were meant to have a front three that would rival Salah, Mane and Firmino at Liverpool. But if you watched their game against Leicester over the weekend, you couldn’t help but think as I was “Is Ole just not a good manager”. On paper they have a squad that rivals the other 3 contenders in City, Chelsea and Liverpool, but when they get sent out on the pitch its almost like Ole’s tactics are just do something you’re all good.

It became very clear that not only do they not look like they will be competitive in the title race with Ole at the Helm, but they may also even yet again be in a battle to just make top 4 and qualify for the Champions League next season.

Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

My final takeaway from the sports week is: Why does it feel like its taking forever to bring the A-League season back. I was all for the post-onement on the start of the season to start after the Socceroo’s next 2 qualifying games and to hopefully see every state in the country to be out of lockdown so we can have fans at games. But there is literally nothing to look forward to on the weekends now, especially on a Saturday. I mean for me , I’m a massive US Sports fan and Football fan, so there’s always something on to stream for myself. But Saturday arvo/night before the premier league, there’s just nothing. And were still over a month away as I’m writing this, so its not going to end anytime soon. I’m legitimately looking forward to the Big Bash starting soon and id never thought id type those words let alone say them, but this is the situation I’m in. Lucky for me, postseason Baseball, NFL, College Football, and Ice Hockey can get me through, but if you don’t watch them, What are you doing?


That’s it for another week of my Sports take ways for the week, Check back in next week for what I assume will be another US and European heavy sports takeaways.

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