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How good is it being a Boston sports fan right now?

You would think that the last 20 year run for Boston sports fans would have been enough for us when it comes to winning titles. The only legitimate title town in all of the US and possibly the world. 12 Championships across the 4 major sports teams in the region is more than some towns and cities have in their entire history. But its not and will never be enough.

As we come towards the end of 2021 with the NHL and NBA seasons starting up and the Patriots NFL season well underway, we yet again look towards the potential of another Championship in Boston and another excuse to Cue the duck boats, as is tradition with title celebrations.

The Patriots are in a rebuilding phase following the departure of Legend, GOAT and Sure-fire Hall of Famer Tom Brady at the end of the 2019 season. And until he retires, I will not root for him to succeed, although I was happy, he managed to get his 7th ring with the Bucs last season, rather than seeing Pat Mahomes getting his second. But for the Patriots, success is not on the cards at least for this season anyway. The future is bright however with rookie QB and National Championship winner Mac Jones proving a few times already this season that he has a high upside if Josh McDaniel’s will let him throw the damn ball. But for this season, a Superbowl win just isn’t in the cards, but if they can build the right team around Mac Jones, a Superbowl may be realistic in the near future.

Photo Courtesy of the Boston Globe

Moving on to the Boston Bruins, the pride of the NHL. Still for me the 2011 Stanley Cup championship is my favourite of all the Boston Championships. I am a massive hockey fan and watch almost every game of the regular season whether live or on replay, depending on schedule in Australia. But for me the Bruins especially in the Gahden are much watch. Over the last 3 or 4 years, the B’s have been as competitive as you could hope for without actually winning anything. From the heart-breaking loss to the blues in 2019 or the shock whatever equivalent of the Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Islander last season.

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

But this season, yet again I go into it with a lot of confidence with the way the squad is constructed. Some great veterans in Marchand Coyle, Hall and Bergeron mixed with some great talent like McAvoy, DeBrusk and Pastrnak, they have the ability to not only outscore any team in the league but also shut them down when needed. And with a positive 3-1 win to start the season against Dallas, the team is definitely set up for a potentially long push into the playoffs. And hopefully well be able to celebrate a Stanley Cup Championship again, like its 2011.

I don’t know what to say about the Celtics chances this season. We’ve been given very little chance of winning it all this season with the bookies. I can get them at $51 to win it all or +3400 for the US gamblers. So, our chances are incredibly small but hey, no one expected the RedSox to even make the playoffs this season let alone be staring down 2 more wins to take us to the world series, so anything can happen.

And that is the perfect Segway into the last team and in my mind (mainly because of how close they are to it) the best chance for a Boston team to end the 2-year drought without a title. A drought that for me has gone on far too long and needs to end. The Boston RedSox are now after tonight’s 12-3 win over the Astros at Fenway park, 2 wins away from the being in the World Series. After beating down the Yankees in the wild card and Gentlemanly sweeping the Rays out of the playoffs, the Sox are 2 wins away from the most unlikely of World Series appearances, something even the loyalist of RedSox fans couldn’t have predicted. I wrote and spoke about it on my podcasts and past blogs, that if we could beat the Astros and go to the World Series, we would be WINNING the whole damn thing. And I know the Dodgers are on the other side and will likely get through the Braves, I still firmly believe the RedSox are a team of destiny.

Phot Courtesy of

And how good would it be, if we do progress, the potential match up against former Sox and beloved player Mookie Betts. I will be doing everything I can to jinx Houston tomorrow, although if I’m honest, there big hitters are at a weakness when the Green Monster sits there. They hit to that side of the field and have to put a bit more on them to hit it out, something the RedSox are very used to, as we saw from Rafy Devers to make it 12-3 tonight.

Everything is set up in title town to potentially see an end to the drought this year, but next year 2022 is one to look out for. Even if the Sox fail to win this year, a full offseason with Cora making moves will no doubt set us up for another deep run into the post season, and the Bruins are surely almost certainties for the Eastern Conference finals, and unless it’s against Tampa I’m confident they’ll be playing in the Stanley Cup finals next year.

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