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What has Happened to Manchester United?

Now if you’re a football fan like me, no doubt you’ve grown up with Manchester United winning or being up the top of the Premier League ladder. They’ve been one of the must watch teams since the beginning of the Premier League and their fixtures are one of the highest attended by tourists too England. Old Trafford their spiritual home, the Theatre of dreams is now a rundown stadium not fit for a Champions League Final anymore due to lack of investment by the clubs’ current US Owners. But with all these issues at the club, the on-field product is the biggest problem right now.

Last season Manchester United battled for a second-place finish in the league and were beaten in the Europa League final by Villareal. But for their fans it was yet another season without a trophy now stretching back to the 16/17 season where they won the League Cup and Europa League. But the premier league has illuded them for almost 10 years now with there last League title coming in 2013. All the while their cross-town rivals City winning 4 since then and there likely most bitter of rivals Liverpool ending a decades long drought in 2019/20.

And then we move into the 2021/22 season. After an off season that could largely be seen as a success which saw the club sign Raphaël Varane to sort out their weak back line and bringing in former club legend and the Greatest player of all time Cristiano Ronaldo, the clubs squad looked on paper as if it was capable of challenging for the title. But with another club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in charge of the team they have been as underwhelming as possible to this point in the season. Leaving fans of the club begging for him to resign or the club to sack him.

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This boisterous ever-growing group of fans got even louder this past weekend when Liverpool came to town and beat them 5-0. At halftime the score was 4-0 and as Ole headed to the dressing rooms the fans made sure he heard what they thought of the way the team had performed.

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When you look at the way the season has gone, early days the title was up for grabs. United were performing well and every chance of making a title challenge. I myself thought there were really on 3 teams who had a realistic chance of winning the league: Chelsea’s, City and United with Liverpool there but not quite up for the challenge. But as the weeks have gone on United have slipped and Liverpool have launched themselves into the title race on the back of yet another great run of form from Mo Salah. While United on the other hand have been leaking goals every which way and Harry Maguire going from his amazing England euros form to regular Maguire mode.

Despite the fact, and I want this on the record, I don’t like Manchester United, never have, never will. I hate the influx of US owners to the sport, and they are quite possibly the worst. But If I was a United fan, I wouldn’t be burning jerseys just yet. Its early doors in the season and yes, they are in a slump and things don’t look good at the moment. They are alive in the Champions League and should surely make it out of the group, despite Ole’s inadequacies as a tactical manager. And the season isn’t over yet, we all saw how pathetic Arsenal were at the start of the season and now they are 5 games undefeated and rising up the ladder.

As much as I enjoy United’s suffering, I can’t celebrate there misery just yet, there’s too much of the season left. But I definitely think if they lose to Tottenham on the weekend and then again get beaten at home by City, Ole’s job will surely be done for. If I’m honest, I really hope they stick with him for the rest of the season. If they sacked him now, there’s enough games remaining in the season for a half decent manager to come in and turn that quality squad into a title threat.

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