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Enes gives a voice to the voiceless

The NBA and their love affair with China is downright pathetic. Whether it’s Lebron James and Steve Kerr admonishing Rockets GM Daryl Morey for speaking out against China and their treatment of the protesters in Hong Kong in 2019 or their blatant lack of respect for anyone who asks the question about what the NBA’s views are on Chinas treatment of Uyghur Muslims in China, see noted ESPN basketball expert Adrian Wojnarowski’s reply to a question on the matter quote “Fuck You”. It seems that at every turn the NBA turns a blind eye to the actions of the Chinese Communist Party in favour of the money they generate from tv and sponsorship deals and merch sales in China.

Photo Taken from Twitter

But now the NBA has a player being outspoken about China. Enes Kanter, now one of my all time favourite Celtics, wore a pair of shoes with “Modern Day Slavery” and said “Nike is scared to speak up” against China. Another pair of shoes he wore features the words “Free China” on them as he continued his outspoken criticism of Nike and other athletes around the league.

AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman

A few days ago on Twitter he even went as far as to tag Nike on a tweet with the hashtags #HypocriteNike and #EndUyghurForcedLabor as seen below.

As a result of Enes Kanters protest towards the CCP and Xi Jingping president of China, Boston Celtics games have been pulled from TV in China and as a Celtics fan I couldn’t give a shit. I’m glad, and frankly more athletes in the NBA and other sports should be following Kanters example and standing up against the horrible human rights violations currently going on in China. But instead I’m sure players like Lebron James will label him as “Miss-informed” like he did with Daryl Morey, even though it is clear for anyone who doesn’t pander to the so called “king” to see Lebron is the one who is Miss-informed.

As a Celtics fan, I hope more of us get behind Enes and the team and I truly hope that by Enes standing up and speaking the truth in exposing what is happening in China currently, it will help to shine a light on this very serious issue, and hopefully more players will get behind him.

Now Kanter definitely isn’t immune to controversy, he is currently wanted by his native Turkish government for speaking out about the corruption in their government elections. As it stands there is currently an extradition request to the US government for them to send him back to Turkey so he can face the charges leveled at him buy the government for ties to an “armed terrorist group” in Turkey.

Unfortunately for legends like Enes, and other people who want to stand up and give a voice to issues that the NBA and it’s “Big Stars” want to keep quiet, he will be dragged through the mud im sure by the likes of ESPN. When it comes to modern day slavery currently happening in countries like China, Saudi Arabia and Qatar they are quiet. Because unfortunately for these big corporations, Money Talks. Thank God we have players like Enes Kanter who will actually stand up for people whose voices won’t be heard. I highly recommend you follow @EnesKanter on twitter and follow his campaign. In the days since i started writing this blog, he has continued his attacks on Nike, the NBA and China and I don’t think hes going to stop anytime soon.

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