Tyson Fury: The Biggest Fraud of His Generation

A few short weeks ago Tyson Fury defended his WBC Heavyweight Belt against Deontay Wilder in what turned out to be a classic slug fest. Fury ended his trilogy of fights against Wilder with a 11th Round Knockout.

Photo Supplied by Boxing News 24/7

In the aftermath of that result Fury made the claim that he believes that he is the greatest heavyweight boxer of his generation. That claim in itself in my opinion is absolutely preposterous. To have a legit claim to that title you need to have a list of fighters under your belt that you can stake a claim for. Besides his recent trilogy with Deontay Wilder, his only other claim to fame was his victory against a 39yr old Wladimir Klitschko. Hardly the resume to claim the greatest of his generation.

In recent years a much anticipated bout with Anthony Joshua was talked about and depending on whose side you believe a contract was signed between the parties after many months of back and forth negotiations and social media barbs. As we know literally two days after the AJ vs Fury bout was confirmed by the man himself on his social media, that word came out that a court ruled that he must fight Deontay Wilder in a mandatory rematch which was scheduled for a date in July. Within days of this announcement ESPN were filming Fury signing his contract for the trilogy fight, a complete slap in the face of every boxing fan and completely disrespectful to Anthony Joshua and his camp. But that July date was pushed back due to a covid case confirmed within the Fury camp. (All reports are to be believed that there was no confirmed case for him or anyone within is camp.)

A Young Fury – Supplied by Manchester Evening News

After Fury’s fight with Wladimir Klitschko where he dethroned the Ukrainian legend and became the WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO & The Ring Heavyweight Champion, Fury completely lost the plot. Think back to Andy Ruiz party habits when he stopped Anthony Joshua and multiply that by a thousand. Fury took to the bottle and drugs and allowed his weight balloon and then fell onto the mental health card. I do not know Tyson personally and until recently considered myself a fan. He is affable and a genuine likability to him that conveys itself quite heavily toward the working class folk of the north of England. But you can’t make these claims without a sliver of proof.

Photo supplied by Daily Mirror

Lucas Browne, Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin, David Haye, Vitali Klitschko, Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and just recently Oleksandr Usyk have all held a Heavyweight Title during Tyson’s professional career. But alas he has only fought Vitali’s brother Wladimir and Wilder. Clearly logic needs to be reestablished here and though it is there to be seen that he is a talented boxer he can hardly be seen as the greatest of his generation.

Now he has hinted at retirement and claims the Wilder trilogy as his greatest accomplishment. HOW? Can someone enlighten me please. Wilder ducked both Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua and his record is even more paltry than Fury’s record. Besides Luiz Ortiz, Fury is his only claim to fame and we all know how that trilogy panned out for him. Rumour has it that Wilder only took Fury on as he saw him as a weaker fighter and he wouldn’t have to take on Anthony Joshua.

I truly hope that Tyson retires before someone really embarrasses him. He is a great fighter but his mouth and unrealistic ideals about himself and where he stacks up against some of the divisions most talented fighters will be his down fall. The world of boxing needs his personality BUT too many fans have jumped on board believe that he is unbeatable. Wilder who isn’t known for his boxing skills put Fury down multiple times throughout the three fights, so what would happen if Anthony Joshua brought his A Game to that fight? Joshua is a talented boxer who also possess knockout power. A match up that fans deserve to see. Fury is a talented speaker and has the business nous to have made his empire without taking too many risks and still have half a brain cell. But he is not the greatest. He wouldn’t even rank on a top 20 greatest heavyweight lists.

Photo Supplied from Getty Images

So if Tyson believes his own press about his legacy, then he needs to put up or shut up. Go for the unification of the heavyweight belts, take on a few of those names that I mentioned previously and lay down that legacy. Because I will make sure that his legacy will only be known as a soft fighter who never stepped outside his comfort zone. A fighter that thought too highly of his undefeated record and never truly tested his skills.

Here is to hopefully a rebirth of the heavyweight ranks and we can see the top guys taking on each other and putting the sport back on the map.

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