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Now I know that this take may have people looking at me like I’m a snowflake but I don’t care. Jarvo honestly just piss off into the sunset and never return. 

For those of you who aren’t aware of what I’m talking about I have one question, Where have you been the last nearly 6 months? This absolute imbecile is milking his 5 minutes more then you can milk cows on a dairy farm. 

Now I’m not going to sit here and say I didn’t laugh the first time he ran on the field in a full Indian test uniform as they took on England at Lord’s. It was comical to see him even point at the Indian team shirt attempting to persuade the security that he was a member of the travelling party which I don’t intend to be racist  if you look at him it is bleedingly obvious he isn’t in the team. 

Serial pitch invader ‘Jarvo 69’ allegedly barged into Jonny Bairstow during the England vs India Test at the Oval(DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images)

At that point you would think well done you’ve had a laugh and have had your fun and that is that, but oh how you are wrong thinking that. He then proceeded to do the exact same thing a further 2 times during the same test series, now I’m not going to put the blame squarely all on him as if it’s happened once especially during current covid times why would security not be beefed up to prevent any further issues. 

That is not the end of it though during the third attempt as he was mimicking a bowler he has barged into the back of an completely unaware Johnny Bairstow who very luckily was uninjured in the coming together. Following this incident he was arrested on suspicion of assault. He then faced court in early October and pleaded not guilty to aggravated trespass, he was then granted unconditional bail to appear when the case goes to trial on March 23 next year. 

YouTube prankster Daniel Jarvis arrives at Croydon Magistrates’ Court accused of aggravated trespass(PA Wire/PA Images)

So there we go after all that we have seen the end of Jarvo, or so we thought. Not even a week after pleading not guilty for the incidents at the cricket Jarvo now strikes again this time at the NFL. Now this isn’t the first time a pitch invader has got on the field at an NFL game but given the publicity around a certain member of the public who has recent form wouldn’t you think security would be on alert? And especially given they say he was attired definitely gives him away. 

Yet still it hasn’t stopped as recently as last weekend he was at it again when he was standing next to the All Blacks during the New Zealand national anthem prior to the game against Wales while touring the Northern Hemisphere. Luckily this time he was able to be escorted off the pitch before the action took place, but I still need to ask, how? When player’s are expecting to be kept away from the public given what has been going on the last 2 years around the world and what has happened with invaders in the past, how can people so easily get access to the field of play?

(Photo from https://www.tennis.com/)

Now looking back at some of the other major incidents that stick out to me are, firstly when when Monica Seles was stabbed on the tennis court but am absolute idiot. The reason he wanted to stab her was he wanted to see his favourite player Steffi Graf move back to number 1. And that is a story for another day given how crazed the man was for Graf. 

I will now move to events that occurred here in Australia and I’ll begin with the streaker from State of Origin match 3 in 2013. The major point here is he had been done for the exact same thing the previous NRL season so in a similar vein to Jarvo here we have someone who has repeatedly done the same thing. Admittedly he did serve a 3 month sentence for also breaking a good behaviour bond. However I need to ask what once again the security was doing as he was able to run from one end of the field to the other and actually got involved with the play. 

Wati Holmwood has been fined and jailed for his disruption of State of Origin III.(Getty Images: Cameron Spencer)

Thirdly I am going to touch on one of the more recent pitch invasions which occurred at the end of the first quarter in the 2020 AFL Grand Final between Richmond and Geelong. Social media and YouTube pranksters Marty and Michael had managed to gain access to the field of play and kick a goal but at the time they were unaware of the position of the play. 

As they were on the field the play had shifted from the far end of the ground and down towards the men attempting their publicity stunt. Following this the game had to be delayed as the invader’s were being removed form the field one of the most bizarre things I have seen occurred. 

Believe it or not 1 of the security guards who assisted with the removal of the “pranksters” had run from the other end of the stadium to apprehend the 2 men, then decided that he would take the same path back to his seat on the fence that he took to chase the invader’s. now that normally isn’t an issue but he for some reason thought that going the direct way was best except that was through the field of play so the game had to be held up again. 

The pitch invaders pose for a photo before jumping the fence of the Gabba. Credit: Instagram

But now I need to mention something that in regards to pitch invading can trigger complete anger and sadness for all Australian football (soccer) fans, Melbourne 1997 vs Iran. Now I know I don’t need to go into detail on that as most people will remember and don’t want to relive that heartbreaking night and moment, if you wish to learn more about what I’m talking about just search on google and you will get the information you need, I can’t even bring myself to write about it. 

And that’s the thing you look at Jarvo and all that has happened in the last 6 months. Think about that, for all that to happen I. 6 months from one person and it isn’t stopped. I think we can say thankfully it didn’t get violent as mentioned in the incident with Seles and didn’t really affect the outcome of the result like the disruption in Melbourne but security efforts need to be looked at just as much in my opinion given how these things are still happening today. 

Do we need more security? Does more need to be done when people are caught? Should we look at doing both those options? At the end of the day I can’t say what needs to be done as I’m not in that position and there are many things to look at but things need to be done. Yes things aren’t as bad as they were but more needs to be done both ways. 

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