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My 5 Take aways from the Sports week


I am back again with another week of my sports take aways, and although it was a slow week again in Australian sports, we did have some news to come out of Australia. And ill lead off with possibly the biggest news in football this week.

The first take away is Adelaide United midfielder Josh Cavallo became the first professional footballer to come out as gay this week. And as we discussed on the Circle in Rectangle show it is an incredibly brave thing for a young man like himself to do. Some of the biggest names in world football came out on twitter to congratulate Josh and make known how proud of him they were. Former England Captain Jordan Henderson, Barcelona legend Gerrard Pique, and even the god himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic all tweeted to Josh to let him know how proud they were, despite never meeting him. And as we mentioned on C in R show, if you can get Zlatan to tweet about someone else other than Zlatan, you’ve done a great thing. 

Photo Courtesy of A-league.com.au

But I can’t help but think that its about time the stigma surrounding this sort of announcement is put to bed. While Josh’s announcement was brave and will hopefully lead the way for more players to come out and be true to themselves. But to see how big of a news story it was means that we still have a long way to go when it comes to acceptance of Gay footballers in the professional game. All I can say is, congratulations Josh, I look forward to seeing how you play this season, with the announcement now in the past and a weight off your shoulders, I’m hoping to see you reach great heights as a footballer and hopefully end up in the big leagues in Europe.

My second take away from the week is related to a blog I dropped on Sunday about Boston Celtic Enes Kanter and his protesting against the Chinese governments treatment of Uyghur muslims and the forced Labour camps. The NBA and some of the stars are notorious for turning a blind eye to what happens in China and generally belittle and talk down anyone who speaks out about them. It’s good to see a player speaking out about the human rights violations being committed in China. Just waiting for other players to join him……. might be a while.

The shoes of Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter (13) during warm ups before an NBA basketball game against the Charlotte Hornets in Charlotte, N.C., Monday, Oct. 25, 2021. (AP Photo/Jacob Kupferman)

My 3rd Takeaway is the Georgia Bulldogs and the inevitability that they will win the NCAA College Football National Championship. It doesn’t matter who they come up against they beat them down and strangle third opponents offensively. I mean just this last weekend they held my Florida Gators to 7 points as they steamrolled us to a 35-7 win, keeping their undefeated season alive and there March to the SEC championship and eventual College Football playoff. The one thing that is still up for grabs however is the Heisman Trophy winner. No one has stepped up and put their name well and truly into the ring but Oklahoma’s new starting QB Caleb Williams definitely put his hand up with a 6-touchdown performance against Texas Tech. 

Photo Courtesy of ugawire.usatoday

Needless to say, that while the national championship may already be decided, the Heisman and the other 3 places in the playoff are all to play for.

The Fourth take away is Chelsea football club seem to be firming in the chase for the Premier League title. While Manchester City again slip up at home to another easily beatable team in Crystal Palace, Liverpool also dropped points at home to Brighton. They were definitely one of the favourites to whom at the start of the season and have definitely lived up to there billing. Richelieu has the squad firing even while Star signing Romelu Lukaku is out. But they continue to get important wins and put out great performances along the way. 

With the Manchester Derby coming up this weekend Chelsea will definitely be hoping for a draw or a United win. Although it is early in the season still, the more points the defending champions drop now the harder it will be for them to comeback at the end of the season.

The Fifth and final take away from the sports weekend simply has to be how fanatical boxing fans are. No matter what we do as a site within the boxing world, the fans flock to it. Just this Sunday we had our very on Yorkshire Coach Chris talk about Tyson Fury and his overattedness and they flocked to it with support, opposition and even one tough guy from Kenya offering to see Chris after school. For a sport that at the moment is being dominators by YouTube stars and Barstool Sports with the Rough and Rowdy promotion. The fans are there, they are loud as hell with there opinions and always, always turn out for a good debate. 

Via Gett Images

So, thank-you boxing fans for always being ready for a post and a fight.

Those are my takeaways from the sports week ending 01/11/21

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