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The CFP committee is really hiding their Bias

So, it’s that time of year again. After weeks and weeks of AP and Coaches polls coming out, the only poll that truly matters has just been released, and wholly shit did they get it wrong.

Here is their attempt at the top 4. 1. Georgia 2. Alabama 3. Michigan State 4. Oregon.

ESPN Graphic

I’ll start with what they did right. Georgia at Number 1 is a lock. They are easily the best team on the country and have quite possibly the best defence ever seen in college football. Also, Michigan State at number 3 a week after beating their rivals Michigan at home to keep their undefeated season alive, that is a good decision.

Oregon at 4 is a good decision as well. Have a big win over Ohio State and aside from a shock loss to Stanford in week 5 would be undefeated and almost a lock for a spot in the Playoff. But the win over an Ohio State team that’s about to beat down the tougher teams on their schedule will only look better as the season progresses.

The biggest mistake they’ve made on the Top 4 is obviously the Alabama Privilege. Obviously, Alabama is a great team, but with a loss to A&M and a narrow win over unranked Florida, surely, they can’t be ranked over an undefeated MSU or even dare I say it an undefeated Cincinnati side whose most notable win against Notre Dame is better than any win on Bama’s resume. Granted Bama play in the SEC, easily the toughest conference in all of College Football, Cinci went to Stool bend Indiana and took down last year’s Playoff semi-finalist Notre Dame in convincing fashion.

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If you want to look a bit further down on the rankings, you have an undefeated Oklahoma Side sitting in 8th. And granted they haven’t been convincing in a lot of their wins this year, surely and undefeated power 5 school gets a higher ranking than a 1 loss power 5 school. Don’t fear Sooners fans, if you beat Oklahoma St in a few weeks and survive without losing to Baylor, there is no chance the committee can leave you out, but they definitely have to run the table.

Mississippi state being ranked at 17 despite being 5-3 is clearly the CFP committee’s way of making Alabama’s ranking more justified and an argument could be made that Ole Miss should be higher but down that end of the top 25 it’s all so close it doesn’t really matter.

The biggest surprise I think to all college football fans is the absence of Clemson in the top 25. They’ve had a shocking season and won’t be playing in the ACC championship game come championship weekend after already losing 3 games. In fact, only 3 ACC teams feature on the top 25 in Wake Forrest at number 9 after going 8-0 so far, NC State after an impressive win over Clemson and Pitt at 25. The most represented conference is yet again the SEC with 7 closely followed by the Big 10 with 6. And good on the PAC 12 for actually having a contender again this year. Who would’ve thought that the conference with storied programs like USC, UCLA, and Oregon in it would only have 1 team capable of ranking in the top 25, and unfortunately for them, their position in the top 4 is the most at risk, when you consider the PAC 12’s love of sabotaging itself every year?

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I know it’s only early, but the first CFP rankings give us a good idea on how the committee is seeing the board. And boy do they want Bama in that playoff again. With 3 weeks left in the season, so much chaos could happen between them and now. A lot of teams on the cusp of the playoff will be nervous as we head down the stretch, and as a testament to the Georgia Bulldogs, I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the rankings and the only team everyone seems to agree on is Georgia at number 1. They are far and away the best team in College Football this season, and if the gods will it, they’ll beat Bama on the SEC championship game and make the decision that much easier for the committee to leave them out of the final top this year.

Georgia Football: Bulldogs’ 2021 Schedule Analysis

I’ll finish with this, this year, I’m rooting for chaos!

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