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Have you ever thought that you are getting a good deal with all the streaming providers that provide sport? If you answer yes to that question, what makes you think it is such a good deal? If you answered no then I would like to ask, how it can be fixed? 

In all honesty my answer to the question above is we have to many streaming providers for sport that I feel aren’t just competing with each other but they are assisting each other in over pricing the market and bringing down the viewership numbers. I can’t understand how all these companies can sit back and pay all this money for the broadcast rights to then charge us x amount to make the money back but all the while also attempting to outbid the competition which in turns forces others to pay more for the rights and then pass on the extra cost to us who don’t want to miss out so we are there for forced to pay much more to watch the games we are after. 

Image taken from sport.optus.com.au

How these companies are creating more money in their back pocket is absolutely absurd and shows there complete disconnect with the consumer, who they try and say they understand. Not only are they expecting us to pay top dollar for the service they provide (which sometimes feels like it is provided from 20 years ago) in the case of Optus spot who lost the champions league, Europa league and missed out on the new conference league still ask that you pay the same price for the chance to watch the Premier League, as I feel the main reason people continually keep it is to watch the Premier League. 

Yes, they had the euros and the Copa America but that is only appealing to a small amount of the population, while I don’t dispute that there are the numbers to watch those events on the platform to continually charge an amount when you only receive these events every few years seems redundant to me. If they were using the money to provide continuous new and original content, I would be fine with the cost but at the end of the day their main feed in regards to the Premier League is direct from the Uk. 

UEFA Commentators (image – Stan Sport)

Understandably they also have the J-league available as well but in all honesty how many of you are going out of your way to watch the J-league? If Optus lost the right’s, would you be upset? Are you upset they lost he rights to the K-league? As stated earlier the UEFA competitions Optus lost, they lost to stan sport, a new sport streaming service that is only $10 which is ok but you also need to pay for stan to be able to get stan sport so technically if you want to get it to watch those competitions you are also paying for a streaming provider you don’t even require. 

And that is if you don’t want to watch the A-League, English lower leagues and cup competitions, the Spanish league, the German league and the rest of the leagues which are all on Kayo (Foxtel) or other streaming services. I have to say that I truly feel if these people truly cared about the games and providing people with the opportunity to watch the games and generate an ever-higher viewership average why would they not consider producing a grouped together app that then allows a yearly fee where people can choose to just have the football instead of all the other things that they may not want. 

Image courtesy of the Kayo sports app

Of all the streaming service’s that are telecasting football (soccer) in Australia will be the coverage from 10 and Paramount plus. We can already see through the coverage provided to both the men’s and women’s national teams that for the first time in year’s the game is being given the respect it deserves.

For the game to be treated with this level of care is something we have been crying out for for what seem’s like an eternity. The broadcast side doesn’t stop their either with 10 sharing the rights for the A-League men and A-League women with Paramount plus as we are all aware. However they are also showing through 10 play the AFC Champions League, AFC Women’s Asian Cup, FFA Cup and also this year the much loved FA Cup from England.

As stated earlier the coverage that has been supplied to this point has been amazing. The best thing about the action that will be shown on 10 play is that it is free which considering the cost for all the other service’s is win win as we can get some very decent action for free.

On top of that the overall promotion of the games on 10 and Paramount plus has been something to behold after the complete ineptitude shown towards the advertising effort that was undertaken in the last few season’ with the previous host broadcaster. It also to me feels as if they are even putting in more of an effort then Stan Sport with the European competitions, now yes I understand that they are taking the view that fan’s of the teams will know when they are on but I honestly feel like I have seen more advertisements for the games on social media from the teams themselves.

That’s not the only big thing going on with the streaming sites as the rights for the Premier League here in Australia are up for grabs and by the sounds of things it appears that it will be decided through a blind auction. The major development with the rights being decided in this manner is if Optus Sport miss out on the rights is it could leave them with very minimal football content for them moving forward.

So, to be able to watch all the action the cost will break down as follows: 

1)Optus $14.99/MTh, $139/yr. or $99/yr. on special 

2)Kayo $25/MTh basic, $35/MTh premium 

3)Paramount+ $8.99/MTh or $89.99/yr. 

4) 10 play free app

5)Foxtel from $54/MTh on a 12-month plan to $99/MTh on a 12-month plan 

6)Bein sports $19.99/MTh or $199.99/yr. 

7)Stan Sport $10/MTh only with, Stan $10/MTh basic, $14/MTh standard or $19/MTh premium 

And this is not even all the places to watch the games you would be after either, so taking into account the financial hardships the vast majority of us are facing in these current circumstances the base cost you would be paying to consume the football coverage we are after would be $117.97. I know I can’t speak for everyone but to me that seems extortionate to be expected to pay that much per month, which is why as I stated in the previous paragraph we need to stand up and make our voices herd which is something football fans in this country are starting to be known for outside of the usual circles. 

Photo taken by Richard Kreider

Yes making it like that may seem as if we would all be paying even more money for the games but what if I said you don’t need to pay for all the other streaming apps whom may provide content that you aren’t willing to watch but you are now just paying for the football, or how about they look at getting some of the other leagues that aren’t broadcast in Australia and make a statement that they are going to be different and if they lose a league or major tournament then replace it with one of those leagues and if not then consider lowering the price to show that they are apologetic to the fans for losing the games they wanted to watch. 

If anything can be learnt from the reactions to there now being so many services to pay for to watch football it shows that us as football fans aren’t thought of when it comes to these corporations all they care about is the bottom dollar and they will never think about you or me who are struggling to cover the costs of all these services at the best of times let alone during these last 18 months –2 years during the pandemic. A pandemic which I feel is one of the main reasons they are paying for different leagues as they know if you can’t go out or are needing something to watch sport wise you can only do one thing and that is to help them fill up the back pockets, that shows just how out of touch these people really are with what the average person is dealing with and what we are after. 

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