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The Boss and Yorky preview the Manchester Derby

So here it is, the first Manchester Derby of the season. One of the most anticipated matches on the calendar in world football, the Manchester Derby is notorious for hard tackles right on the border line of dirty, and then of course Roy Keane tackles which are only ever dirty.

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But for City fans, the Derby hasn’t always been an occasion we’ve looked forward to. For 13 years we had no success in the game. The 90’s were awful and into the new millennium, United dominated the derby. It was only the last derby at Maine Road that we managed to break the streak, securing a 3-1 win to truly fair well our beautiful Maine Road.

Nowadays it is a different scenario. When the fixtures come out at the start of the year, it’s the 1st game I look for on the calendar. Going back to when we beat them 6-1 at Old Trafford in a game that truly signalled Manchester Cities intentions to take over Manchester and the Premier League. And this year I actually thought it was going to be a game that could decide the title, if you forget how good Chelsea are. But events since and the appearance of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s inability to tactically manage a team, United are struggling both in the league and Europe despite the return of their prodigal son in Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the flip side, it hasn’t been all success for City. A loss at home last weekend to relegation battlers Crystal Palace sees them 5 points off the top of the table Chelsea. And without Eric Laporte for this one they could be seen as slightly weaker defensively, but we still have the best defender in the world right now in Ruben Dias and Jon Stones is more than capable of filling the void.

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And don’t forget, United’s defence is almost the worst in the league (not factually but visually) and with the amount of attacking options we have up front, it’s going to be hard for them to stop the attack from all directions. In fact, the worse thing for United was for City to lose at home against palace. Pep doesn’t take losing lightly and nor does the rest of the squad. To make matters worse they failed to score a goal, and clearly worked on it in training after they beat down Club Brugge midweek in the Champions League.

United know that a loss here after a poor midweek performance against Atalanta midweek, although they sit on top of their group. After the beatdown by Liverpool at Old Trafford a few weeks back, United bounced back with a win over Spurs last weekend to temporarily ease the pressure on Ole. But a win over their local rivals could possibly save his job for the remainder of the season, although I don’t think that’s going to happen. They will lose this weekend to City and Ole will be gone within 2 weeks. That part is inevitable.

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So clearly the BOSS is delusional!

Yes City left their spiritual home of Maine Road with a 3-1 win. That loss for us hurt. As you see our Legendary Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel was between the sticks for the Citizens. Roy Keane dirty? Far from it. Passionate, Dominate and steely leadership.

His tackle of Haaland Snr was justified and was done with the intent to put him in his place after what he did and said to Roy when he did his ACL in a few seasons prior.

Our dear boss although pays my bills, he is forgetting that the tactically inept Ole actually has a record of 3 wins 1 loss 1 draw against Pep’s Citizens since taking the reigns over in December 2018. So it is quite clear that Ole has a plan but just not a plan for every game.

Look I am not going to lie, I am not a simple man and it is clear as day to see that something behind the scenes at my club is not right. Buying Jadon Sancho made every fan delirious as a right sided winger was what we needed. But he has joined Donny Van De Beek on the bench as we constantly change formations and adopt a philosophy I am sure Ole struggles to understand. Harry Maguire is still in the process of turning around to chase a ball that was put behind him in training back in 2015.

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The Tottenham result was 3 points and that is about it. Was good to see Rashford and Cavani get on the score sheet and of course Cristiano just continues to carry the weight of the club and Ole’s employment on his shoulders.


It’s a DERBY! I am expecting the 11 men that start on that pitch to fight for that shirt on their backs and Ole to masquerade himself as a tactical genius. I am expecting that full capacity crowd to be behind our boys and that combined with the memory of the Liverpool result still clearly in their minds to pull out another massive win against our newly noisy neighbours in a barnstorming 4-3 win. Cristiano man of the match and will score all 4.

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