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A-League 2021/22 Kit Rankings Pt 1

In the lead up to the new A-League Men’s season I wanted to do a blog ranking the clubs kits for this season. Keep in mind this is a combination of both Home and Away kits in the ranking. Let’s get into it.

12. Coming in at number 12 and bottom of the rankings are the Melbourne Victory. There’s so much you can do with the Victory kit. The classic V across the chest always has the ability to stand out, but the thickness of the V on both home and away kit just makes it look bad. Add in the Fluro trim on the sleeve and around the neck and it’s just not a good kit.

11.  At 11 on my list is the Newcastle Jets. The Jets have had some great kits in the past, and there return to the Gold kit was much needed. Finally breaking away from Tinky Boys horrible era in charge of the club. But the placement of the sponsor on it takes away from it allure. And the Away kit could’ve been so much better. The white is good, but the placement of the Blue and red stripes just doesn’t cut it.

10. Melbourne City are 10th on the list, and its simply because of the away kit. The home is ok, a little above average but that away kit is terrible. If the 3rd kit was being used as the away kit, they would’ve been a lot higher on this list, its possibly top 3 on its own, but that away kit is bad.

9. Unfortunately in at 9 is the Wellington Phoenix. Last year they had easily the best kit for the year, although it was a special kit it was great. This year they’ve missed on both kits. The home is ok I like the thickness of the black stripes, but the away kit is more of a Keepers kit not an on-field kit. Very similar to the Melbourne City away kit, not great. But they climb just above City on their home kit.

Taken from @WgtnPhoenixFC twitter

8. The next 3 are all very close but I had to go with Perth for 8th. Not a lot you can do with Purple, in the past they’ve had some great kits especially with there white away kits. But there’s something about that shocking neon aqua away kit that’s not doing it for me. Again, like the Nix away kit it looks more like a keeper’s kit. I like the boldness of the Home kit, would probably have looked a little better with White shorts to break up amount of purple.

Taken from @PerthGloryFC on twitter

7. Coming in at Seven is the Brisbane Roar. I get what they were trying to do with the faint stripes to I guess look like a lion or a tiger or whatever. It looks great on the Home kit, but It didn’t need to be added on the away. But hey its not the worst, ill be honest it only went 7th because of bias on my part, and you’ll see why when I do Pt 2. Overall, its not bad and probably the Roars best in a while.

Stay tuned for Pt 2

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