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A-League 2021/22 Kit Rankings Pt 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my 2021/22 Kit rankings blog. I’m sure Part 1 has stirred a little bit of a debate, but after all these are my opinions and so therefore……they’re right. Ok, Now lets get back into the rankings.

6. Kicking off the top 6 of my rankings is Macarthur FC. Speaking to a lot of people there seems to be mixed opinion on the Home kit for the season. But I myself love it. I love the off symmetry of the black stirpes under the logo. I’ve got to be honest, while no team I support has the Black and White stripes effect, for some reason I’ve always liked the look of it on most kits. But where they lose it with me is the hideous yellow kit. They really messed up when it comes to there 2nd kit. Just bad, very bad.

Taken from macarthurfc.com.au

5. At number 5 on this list is the Western Sydney Wanderers. I am ok with them bringing back the Where wally away kit for their 10th anniversary, it’s a good kit. But the red and black hoops kit from their inaugural season was just a little boring. If I was including the Goalkeeper kits the Wanderers would be right up there near the top, it looks near perfect. But the away kit only holds so much sway in these rankings no matter how good it looks, But still top 5 is ok.

Photos Taken from FootballShirtCulture.com and WSW.com.au

4. At number 4 is my beloved Sydney FC. Now there’s not a lot you can do with Sky Blue, and that’s why it’s a beautiful colour. And every year it is almost the best football kit in Sky Blue worldwide, just behind Manchester City. But the away kit this year is easily the best they’ve ever had in the club’s history. The Sky-Blue spotting fading up from the bottom of a all-white jersey is near perfect. You may say I’m bias because its Sydney FC, but I do legitimately believe it’s the 4th best kit duo in the league. The alternate kit isn’t half bad either, but this is a Home and Away ranking, so it doesn’t count.

Photo Courtesy of FootballHeadlines.com

3. Western United kick off the top 3 of my rankings.  I love the away kit and it is easily the best away kit of the season. The white base with that distinctive Black and Green single stripe separated by the thinnest amount of white. It looks smart and stylish. I’ve always had a thing for green in jerseys, And when it’s combined with black it just stands out that little bit more. It’s a shame the club as a whole are run so bad and don’t have an actual home. But at least there 990 fans can look good in some fine kits for this season wherever they decide they’ll be playing their home games.

Photo Courtesy of wufc.com.au

2. The Mariner are the bridesmaid for my first season kit rankings. But there still a great pair of kits. Starting with the Home kit, The thick single horizontal stripe with the sponsor in it is probably what makes this kit. It looks smart, Sophisticated, and stylish, 3 words which if I’m being totally honest you don’t usually hear describing anything from the Central Coast. And the all-navy blue away kit staying true to their history. The yellow stripe at the base of the sleeves also adds a nice little touch to the kit. The sponsor also amazingly fits so well on the kit, unlike that of their bitter rivals the Jets, where the sponsor is an eyesore to say the least, as mentioned in Pt1.

Photo taken from FootyHeadlines.com

1. And that must mean, that coming in as the best Home and Away kits for the 2021/22 season is……… Adelaide United. Just like last season Adelaide have delivered a near perfect kit. The home, much like Sydney FC and Sky Blue, there isn’t a lot you can do with just red, but they continue to deliver great home kits year after year. The Colour mixing in the white strip around the neck just brings it all together. And as always, United have the perfect sponsor to blend in with both there kits as well. And the away kit is amazing. The navy blue and slightly light blue thick horizontal stripes with diagonal thin stripes all over the kit just looks perfect. I look forward to Saturday night when Adelaide kick of their new season away to Perth, likely to be in their Home kit. Not only do Adelaide play an attractive style of football on pitch they also make it easy for there fans to look good in the stands.

Photo Taken from FootyHeadlines.com

So there it is, the definitive 2021/22 A-League kit rankings. Surely there will be some differing opinions on these rankings, you may show your bias by thinking your teams kits the best, and fair call, all I can say is, some of those kits I cant wait to see out on the field, others sadly I wish we didn’t have to see them haha.

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