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Can Tim Tszyu Take on the big boys?

By Fanbabble Pat

The short answer to this question is maybe.

I say maybe as I was very unimpressed with the way he couldn’t get the finish against a guy who from what I seen gave up and was being used as a punching bag.  I know everyone wants to see finishes but to say that this fight was the most one sided of the night was a bit of on understatement.

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I personally was more impressed by the variety of fight on the undercard with a well-deserved TKO win to Jackson Murray who now holds a 2-0 record and even the Jacinta Austin v Viviana Ruiz Corredor fight that went to a split decision with Jacinta Austin wining in her debut was more entertaining the Tszyu fight we came to see.

However, I digress and think that for Tim to really become a force on the world stage he needs to learn how to finish the tough opponents even though he kept his cool all night and he also needs to have a few more international fights to really prove himself.  

I do think that for Tszyu to win multiple titles he needs to get there and knock these guys out, yes, I understand that most of the time it won’t happen especially against elite opposition such as his possible next opponent, but promoters really want guys who can put on a show and by a show, they mean knockouts.

From our very own FanBabblePat

I am looking forward to Tim possibly taking on Castano who I think will be a little too much to handle especially when Tim has not had that many international fights or fights where he has been thrown into the deep end with the sharks of the division.

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