The Heavyweight Landscape

So here we are once again talking about the state of the Heavyweight Division. I have received alot of hate and just typical keyboard warrior comments in regards to my previous post about Tyson Fury being the biggest fraud of his generation.

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Guess what boys and girls? You took the bait. As I previously stated, I don’t dislike Tyson whatsoever. But talk of being the greatest in regards to his resume is just something I won’t tolerate.

Since it is only the big three of Fury, Wilder and Anthony Joshua that most fans are divided over, I will break down their careers and claims for greatest of a generation.  Enjoy the read and I look forward to the next round of hate I will no doubt receive.

Let’s start with him seeing that he has a large following. A healthy record of 31-0-1, with his only blip being a draw in his first bout against Deontay Wilder.                                                               All the while his record looks healthy in my opinion his only notable victory is that of Wladimir Klitschko. Which now history shows it was the beginning of his downfall and he subsequently lost his next and last fight to Anthony Joshua. After this fight Fury lost his way, succumb to his demons and was battling a mental health condition.

He is a credit to the sport of boxing for amassing such a comeback. But!!!!                                                     Since his comeback he has fought 7 times with 3 of them against Deontay Wilder. With Wilder being a defending WBC champion he is the only notable opponent Fury has faced since his 2015 fight again Klitschko.

After his recent battle with Wilder where he defended the WBC strap for the first time in his career, he went on to say that he has nothing left to achieve in the sport and the fact he believe that he is the greatest of his generation. How? He has fought two legit champions and has only defended his belt once since capturing it in 2015 and then again in 2020. Settle the rivalry with Anthony Joshua (albeit what fans think of him, since he has two losses on his record now), go for the unification against Joshua’s conquerer in Oleksandr Usyk. The longer he refuses to fight the top of the division the easier it becomes to discredit his successes.

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Next on the list, The Bronze Bomber himself, Deontay Wilder. With a record of 42-2-1, 10 WBC heavyweight title defenses and his only blips coming against Tyson Fury.                                               Now for quite awhile he was a fan favourite for his Knock-out Power and filled arenas around America regardless of his weaker opponent and lack of technical skill.

His match up with Fury was and will be his toughest opponent. Wilder was becoming well known for ducking elite opponents and probably took on Fury who was just on his comeback trail and was still considered to be out of shape. The excuses he has used since the first fight were just next level and it shows that he wasn’t used to fighting above his merit. If Wilder is to ever fight again, more than likely it will be back to the US circuit of under developed heavyweights who will just become a record builder.

Lastly it is the 2012 London Olympic Games Gold Medalist Anthony Joshua. He holds a record of 24-2 with his two losses against Andy Ruiz Jr and most recently against Oleksandr Usyk. Even though he has two losses to his name, he has taken on a list of top heavyweights that the division has to offer. Since his Klitschko victory in 2017, he was fought Takem, Parker, Povetkin, Ruiz x2, Pulev and Usyk.

He also has avenged his Ruiz loss in a rematch and is currently training for the Usyk rematch. If we are to believe Matchroom Boxing, they have offered both Wilder and Fury contracts to fight over the years.

In my opinion there is no separating these three boxers until Fury takes on AJ. Regardless of who has the belts, this is a fight that needs to happen. Can Fury outbox AJ or can AJ with his well rounded skill set get inside and finish Fury? I’d like to see a AJ win, but after his last fight I can see Fury mentally breaking AJ down.

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But what happens if the true Boxer of the division continues his rise in the division? Oleksandr Usyk has cleaned out the Cruiserweights and after dismantling AJ a few months ago is looking to unifying the heavyweights and cleaning this division too.


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