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Merry Christmas from FanBabble Sports

First and foremost, to start this blog, let me just say MERRY CHRISTMAS from everybody at FanBabble Sports. We hope you have a great festive season and enjoy spending time with your family and friends and of course stay safe if you are travelling around the state, country, and world.

I didn’t want this blog to be a look back at some of my favourite moments of the sports year but obviously ill have a year end blog to be released on the 31st to talk about those moments. For this blog, it will be a short Christmas message talking about the sports I would play on Christmas day and boxing day while I was a kid and even into my early 20’s.

Of course, along with Christmas comes the boxing day test, a tradition in Australia made even more special this year as it’s an Ashes year. And my fandom of all things England international teams is well known and with the horrid start to the series for England(currently down 2-0 in the series) this is an incredibly important game for us to have any chance of taking the urn back to England. I don’t want to get into the series to much, but it has been an uphill battle since Joe Root chose to bat on day one at the Gabba in Brisbane on a pitch that was as greens as one that Old Trafford usually produces on a day that was about as overcast as they come. But enough about that terrible terrible potentially series ending decision on day one before a ball has been bowled.

But my bigger point when talking about cricket is playing backyard cricket with your cousins or other family while waiting for a mega feed or to unwrap presents. What would be a coke or some sort of soft drink in your hand as a kid would slowly over time morph into a Beer or something a little harder and catching someone out with one hand without spilling any of your drink would become a highlight of the day and a story for years to come, especially if it came with any sort of quick movement to get to the ball. I feel like these traditions have slowly slipped away with time as kids prefer online games as opposed to the real-world experience, but hey, there loss.

Obviously when it comes to sport, aside from the US sports it’s a fairly quiet one for us here in AUS. I’m sure there used to be a Big Bash game on Christmas day to tide you over until boxing day where there’s Football, Cricket and a lot of US Sports including 6 games of NBA unless Covid has ruined that for us like it has in the NHL. But it appears not and that may be something I am miss remembering but either way it’s a good idea.

Too keep this blog short and sweet and not take too much time on your Christmas day, ill end it here with a simple Merry Christmas friends and I hope you have a great day and Santa brings you everything you wanted.

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