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Final Blog of 2021

And so we’ve arrived at the end of 2021. And for sports fans it’s truly been an up and down year with postponements and stoppages of our favourite leagues, except this year we were ready for it and used to it(as sad as that is). And even as we push into 2022 the Covid pandemic is still effecting both the A-League Mens and Womens Competition with so many games already being postponed with the new outbreak of the Omicron Persei 8 variant.

But I don’t want this blog to be about the hard times I want to reflect on some of my highlights from the Sports world in 2021. And I wanna lead it off with Manchester City winning the English Premier League. In a year where a club close to my heart Sheffield United got relegated purely because of Covid considering before the Covid Pandemic began(thanks China) they were looking like at the very least qualifying for Europa. It was nice to see a club that I love winning another trophy despite losing in the Champions League final.

So it wasn’t all doom and gloom for me as a football fan. A League title to me is still more important than a continental title, but that might just be because we haven’t won the Champions League……..yet.

In July this year, we all saw how good the England International team is under gaffer Gareth Southgate as they went on a truly “Team of Destiny” run to the Euro 2021 final. Yes, we did eventually go down on penalties to Italy, credit to them. It hurt, crushed me, made me slightly depressed but as I got further away from the devastation of the final I realised how proud I was of them for what they did. It gave me belief that going into The 2022 World Cup we have a legitimate chance of ending the 56 year trophy drought for England. And No, I don’t care if it’s in a World Cup that is largely illegitimate because of the corrupt nature of how it came to be. But nevertheless, come November 2022, that’s right, November i along with every England fan will be hoping, Praying and following the lads as they push for a 2nd World Cup.

Photo Credit Getty Images

Another highlight for me wasn’t a game or a team win, it was the New England Patriots drafting National Championship winning Alabama quarterback Mac Jones to be our new starting Quarterback. Since Tom Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay we’ve needed a QB to come in and take control and put us back into playoff contention. And myself and fellow FanBabble Blogger Dan Nichols we’re both celebrating. And he’s proven so far this season that he is the real deal.

Photo Courtesy of musketfire.com

For the first time for a long time we had the closest race for the Drivers Championship in the Formula 1 world. Max Verstappen taking his first Championship ahead of the GOAT of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton. It also gave RedBull there first drivers championship since Seb Vettel. Luckily for Mercedes they managed to retain the Constructors Championship for an Eighth consecutive time. But the main Championship the fans cared about is the Drivers title and unfortunately for myself and many Lewis fans or for the general RedBull haters, this season didn’t go the way we wanted it to. But congratulations to Max on his first Championship, but you’re just keeping it warm for Lewis when he inevitably takes it back next season. And im looking forward to heading down to Albert Park for the first Australian GP since this pandemic began (again thanks China).

Photo taken from the BostonGlobe.com

So as we move on to 2022 with plenty of amazing sports action to look forward to yet again and hopefully a largely Covid disruption free year, I thank you for supporting us since our launch on Sept 1 whether it’s was through our podcasts, blogs or Video content and we all look forward to what the New Year will bring for not just FanBabble Sports but everyone associated with us. Thank you for reading, listening and watching and stay tuned for what we’re doing in 2022 and Happy New Year.

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