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England Embarrassed in the Ashes

As we move in to 2022, we England fans can all move on from the Embarrassment that was the first 3 games of the Ashes series. We’ve been bad, very bad, like historically bad, but it’s a new year and we have 2 more tests to prove we’re better than those disgusting performances that have seen us leave the ashes behind yet again.

For me, it all started before a ball was bowled in the Gabba test when our captain. Joe Root chose to bat on a pitch that was greener than anything you’d see out of England and overcast weather that would be part of everyday life in England. Now I’m not a massive cricket fan but even I know that a pitch like that and conditions like that are not ideal for a first day batting side. And as we all saw, a first day capitulation from England saw Australia take the first test inside 4 days.

Now Joe Root has been a great player for England for many years and a GREAT captain for us, but his captaincy this series has seemed to be focussed on defending rather than going for the win. Not to mention that maybe Jimmy Anderson is slightly past his best so surely there are better options to lead the pace attack.

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Since that first decision on Day 1 at the Gabba it has been a long steady fall for England who aside from a small part of the Adelaide test have been outplayed and simply dominated by a highly motivated Australian team.

Down 3-0 in the series and with the press tearing them apart back in England, there is simply only one way to avoid complete embarrassment in this series. They need to win the New Year’s test in Sydney. A ground that’s pitch suits England as it is usually quite green on day 1. But if Root wins the toss, he CANNOT make the same bad decision as he did in Brisbane. The toss of the 4th test is crucial, a bad decision should England win the toss, will surely spiral them to a 5-0 whitewash defeat, and line them up for some amazing ridicule once they return home. Already since losing the Ashes they’ve been on the end of some scathing reporting from the papers and radio stations, and fans over in England who couldn’t make the trip are deviated and embarrassed by the performances turned out by everyone in the squad. Occasionally in bad performances like this, there is sometimes a shining light, but not this time. Everyone in the squad has failed to perform and it would appear major changes need to happen to the squad moving forward.

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Going into this series I had every faith England much like the Football side at the Euros would be confident and had the squad to take it to the Aussies and return the Urn back to England, boy was I wrong. Congratulations Australia on retaining the Ashes, after a difficult few years they seem to be back as one of the powerhouses of world cricket, while England seem to be in a downward spiral. Hopefully there are some fresh faces waiting to be brought into the side.

Lucky for me, I don’t really care about test cricket, I’m a 20/20 kind of guy and the England players currently sprinkled through the BBL are performing well and that’s good enough for me.

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