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Happy New Year 

Well here we go again. Happy new year’s to everyone may you be a regular visitor to Fanbabble or if this is your first time in which case we also want to extend a warm welcome. 

Firstly on behalf of myself and the rest of the Chat From The Back podcast side of Fanbabble as you would have heard Scotty and I say in last night’s episode thank you for all the support you have given us over the last 4 months as apart of Fanbabble and for the past 12 months in general. As always we are nothing without you, the listeners and be warned we have some new things that we have been planning out for the show so keep a lookout for when we start to add to each episode. 

Secondly what a big year we have here at Fanbabble and for sport in general. In a matter of weeks we will see the Aussie men’s cricket team lift up that beautiful little urn after what I consider a pleasantly surprising domination of England in the Ashes. Not to much longer to go now as well until we begin to witness the pre-season games begin for our “winter sports” in regards to Super Rugby, AFL and the NRL in what will hopefully ( I’m not going to be holding my breath) be seasons not impacted by the pandemic like the previous few years. 

However before all of that we have the College Football Playoff National Championship game to be played on January 10th that I’m sure either Fanbabble Pat from Star-Spangled Sportscast will give you a preview for or Fanbabble Jamie may provide ( or if you put some pressure on them they may do it together). Following all of that college football action we have the NFL playoffs to get through with what I believe should be if not in the playoffs then definitely at the Super Bowl a major tribute to the sad passing of John Madden a true pioneer of the game that I’m sure a hell got a lot of people from outside of the states in to the game through the “Madden football series” on the consoles. 

Despite all of these events happening in 2022 none of them even compare to what I truly believe to be the biggest sporting event in the world and that is “The FIFA World Cup”. Now I’m not going to look at this with sour grapes ( the voting process was rigged? But the way this event will disrupt the seasons all over Europe primarily to me is disappointing yet I’m also fully aware of the planning process for playing in the northern hemisphere winter due to the extreme temperatures in that part of the world. 

In saying all of this I’m sure you all had a lovely night last night and I don’t want to take up anymore of your time as we bring in 2022. So enjoy the year ahead and may your year of sports be as entertaining and enjoyable as it can be, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my teams. 

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