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2022 College Football National Championship Preview

So, it’s finally that time, a sad time of the new year and it happens too soon, the College Football National Championship and as an SEC man I am conflicted. On one hand I’m happy the SEC has 2 representatives in the Championship game, but on the other side 2 other SEC teams will be there on the final’s day of the season and not my beloved Florida Gators.

This season the Georgia Bulldogs who have been a dominant force for the entire season face off against easily the most dominant team in the College Football landscape the Crimson tide Alabama led by easily the best coach to ever do it Coach Saban. This year’s Championship game will hopefully be a close tight knit affair. They played each other a month ago in the SEC Championship and on that day it was Bama who cam out on top, absolutely battering the Bulldogs normally solid defence. On this occasion though if I’m a betting man, and let’s face it I am a degenerate gambler, id be taking the under for sure in this one. Georgia aren’t going to let Alabama run through them next week.

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Georgia have easily been the best team all season, in a year where Chaos has ensued, they were the one consistent team every week. Beating the crap out of every team they went up against, aside from Clemson in week 1 but they weren’t as bad as people think finishing at 9-3 for the season. There only slip up was in the SEC Championship game where they were as our own Georgia fan Dan Nichols put it “Stoinkered us” around. While Alabama have had an up and down season. A few close wins against teams they should’ve beat down, much like Georgia did, and a shock loss to an under performing Texas A &M side. Alabama coasted through the season un-impressing everyone on their way to an SEC Championship where they finally put it all together and beat Georgia.

Since here at FanBabble Sports there’s only really 3 of us who actually care about College Football and one of them is a Bulldogs fan, so I figured id ask him his thoughts first. He told me “They absolutely Stoinkered us in the championship, but we were up 10-0 as favourites. Hopefully we just got cocky. Kirby told the players not to Gatorade shower him after the playoff win or celebrate as the job wasn’t done. That’s a good sign”. Hes also predicted an Alabama win, but hes hoping Georgia “crush those pretty boy c***s”. I’m starting to think Dan doesn’t quite know where Bama is.

Our other College Football analyst and host of the podcast The Star Spangled Sportscast had this to say about the game; “If Georgia play Georgia Football and don’t get sucked in to playing Alabama’s style of Football, Georgia will win. Georgia needs to play with a chip on their shoulder and remember what Bama did to them in the SEC Championship game”. And I’m very much in agreement with Pat on this. Georgia know how to win, and its through their defence, they need to step up for this one. Pressure the Heisman trophy winner Bryce Young into mistakes and takeaways and hope your offence can get the job done.

For Bama its very similar, Pressure Stetson Bennett and make him panic. Take away the run game and force him to beat you in the air, because he can’t. For Kirby Smart, Georgia’s coach, it’s very simple, Beat Bama or no one will ever think you can. You’re easily one of the best recruiters in College Football but you have to win Championships to truly be Great.

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I already can’t wait for the National Championship, and thankfully for those of us here in Oz we will be able to watch it live on Foxtel, Kayo and I think even maybe 7 Mate but who actually watches anything on free to air anymore. I’m just glad ESPN made a good decision for Australian fans for once and bumped some pointless NBA game so we can enjoy what I can only hope is an amazing National Championship. For the record I’m taking Georgia by 4.

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