Barcelona, A Club in crisis

Its no secret that Barcelona have fallen from grace and hit the pavement hard, like very hard in recent time. It all came to light last in the summer when their prodigal son Leo Messi because of financial miss management from the Barcelona executives.

Of course, rather than accept responsibility for the problem, Barcelona went on the attack blaming the La-Liga for its rules and regulations put in place to help clubs survive and stop the wreck less spending from owners. When in reality it was Barca who spent too much and left themselves with no room for Messi when his contract expired, even with the suspected 50% wage cut they had agreed with him when it seemed he would re-sign just a week before his contract expired.

The rule that Barcelona were at risk of breaching under La-Liga is under La Liga rules that were introduced in 2013, there is a floating salary cap for all teams which limits player wages and acquisition costs to 70 percent of club revenues. So, while Barcelona pretended it was La-Liga who were at fault for Messi being forced to leave, it was clearly miss-management from those in charge that meant they couldn’t afford to register his contract.

The loss of Messi and the inability to make any transfer in has severely hampered Barcelona’s campaign in not just the League but also in the Champions League. The loss of Messi was obviously huge but the inability for former manager Ronald Koeman to replace him with anyone near as good was a major hurdle and surely the reason for his sacking late in 2021, and new manager and club Legend Xavi is already finding out how hamstrung he is when it comes to transfers. He has recently acquired Manchester City’s #9 Ferran Torres for 55 million Euro’s, however, is unable to register his contract due to Barcelona’s already high wage bill.

Barcelona are hoping that the signing of a new deal for striker Ousmane Dembele would help prolong payment of his transfer fee and create a little more space in their trouble finances. Some o which was helped with the announcement from Sergio Aguero in 2021 that he would be retiring. Even with these to occurrences, they would still need to shed more money from there wage bill as they are a fair way above the 70% margin, they need to be under to meet La-Liga’s own rules.

Xavi could very well be the answer, after all he seems to have proven himself as a manager guiding Al-Saad of Q**** to 7 titles in his 3-year reign. But in order for Barcelona to return to what they once were, they need to get there spending under control, with over 1 billion Euro debt bill. The La-Liga giants are currently sitting in 5th place on the Ladder while rivals Real Madrid sit on top, 15 points clear of Barca. They will surely be looking at the Europa League now as a priority to have success in but face a tough task in there first appearance in the competition since the 03/04 season when it was still called the UEFA Cup. Barcelona will take on Italian side Napoli in the Knockout Round Playoffs. The Italian side won’t be easy beats either, sitting 3rd in the League behind the Milan clubs.

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Barcelona have a real battle on there hands to stay relevant in Europe, not just for this season but for the future. Debt and financial miss-management, coupled with fan di-illusion with the departure of Leo Messi has the left the club in a downward spiral, and despite there attempts to the contrary, they only have themselves to blame.

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