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Covid is ruining Sport!

So obviously I’m a massive sports fan, in fact I dare say it takes up a huge part of my life with running FanBabble Sports. So, to have an end to 2021 where in both the A-League Men’s and Womens competitions we saw postponements of games in the League and the Cup and then for that to continue into the new year with games I would’ve been going to is really starting to piss me off.

For me it started with the postponement of Sydney FC’s FFA Cup game against Brisbane because of a non-team related covid issue cause them to miss their flight to Sydney. I had tickets to that game and also had the day off for it and its rare those 2 things align for me; I knew it was too good to be true.

On the 2nd of January this year I was also off and ready to head to Sydney FC v Perth Glory and potentially get a  look at former England striker Daniel Sturridge but at the same time the FFA Cup game was postponed that game was also postponed because the WA Premier Clown McGowan is a vindictive dictator. So that’s 2 games Ive been screwed out of because of Covid. Obviously yeah, those games will be reschedule and the FFA Cup game has already been rescheduled to the 12th or January but unfortunately as I predicted when the postponed it the first time, I am working.

Now if you don’t already know, I and the Co-Host of a podcast on our website and platform the Circle in Rectangle show, and we are literally at a loss for what to talk about on this week’s show. With only one game actually going ahead in each of the Men’s and Womens competition, and not a whole lot going on internationally for Aussies, we are looking at a very small show, but there will still be a show. Even if we were to preview this upcoming weekends action it would still not be a massive show because of all the postponements going on still.

Thankfully as I write this blog Canberra against Perth Glory, but I’m not confident they won’t postpone it even leading up to the game. In all honesty I wish I wasn’t working today so I could head out to it, I’m a big fan of  Canberra United and there playing style.

Obviously being a football fan the EPL is a big part of my sports viewing schedule and with the amount of games that were postponed over the Christmas period had me longing for sport. This is a time of year where football is king really and to have all these games being moved is frustrating.

Burnley v Watford is one of nine Premier League games to have been called off in the past week (Martin Rickett/PA)
 (PA Wire)

Looking at other sports, the NHL had a lot of teams shutting it down for a few weeks because of Covid in their teams, surprisingly the NBA kept playing through but I’m not really a Basketball guy unless its my Celtics. We saw countless College Football Bowl games get cancelled or teams being replaced because of Covid, thankfully the 2 major Playoff Semi-finals went ahead and set up a great National Championship game as I blogged about earlier in the week, but as a fan of College Football, seeing all those games being cancelled was hard.

Since March 2019 Covid has been ruining sport for the world, and yeah, I know it’s a narrow minded way to look at it but this is a sports site, and I am a sports fan and aside from ruining a relationship for me with a lockdown its only real impact on my life (thankfully) has been its effect on sport. I’m over it now, I’m over postponements, over canned seasons I just want life to go back to normal. Once again as Ive said before, Thanks China for fucking the world for the last 2+ years. Fuck you.

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