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The Patriots are Playoff Bound!

Well after what was easily the longest playoff drought in NFL history, the New England Patriots are back in the NFL playoffs, and they’ve done it with one week to spare. That’s right, The Dynasty is alive!

Photo Courtesy of @Patriots on Twitter

Since the tragic departure of the greatest of all time Tom Brady, the Patriots have gone a massive 1 season away from the playoffs. But this year, with a combination of the greatest coach of all time Bill Belichick and National Championship winning Quarterback Mac Jones, inevitably the Patriots would be back where they belong. And with any luck, with a win over Miami this week and a Bills and Titans loss, my beloved Patriots will once again be back at the top of not just the AFC East but the AFC.

Now I’m not totally deluded, I don’t think the Patriots are good enough to win the Superbowl this year, although it would be nice, but just to be back in the Playoffs is great……for now. Obviously, I want to win the Superbowl, Ive been very spoilt as not just a Patriots fan but a Boston Sport fan over the past 20 years, and with that comes a certain expectation of winning trophies more often than not. But it’s been a long wait since 2019 when the Patriots last won the Superbowl, so yet again another drought that I won’t stand for.

If things fall the way of the Patriots and the path to Superbowl LVI will once again go the Foxborough and normal service will have resumed, but a lot has to go right for that to happen.

Photo Courtesy of

I’ll be honest, from the moment the Patriots drafter Mac I was excited. Being a fan of College Football and seeing what he did with Alabama last year I knew he’d be able to bring success to the Patriots, but I didn’t expect to be back in the Playoffs in his first year as QB 1. But he has picked up the offence faster than I think even OC Josh McDaniel’s had expected, although he still doesn’t seem to want to let Mac sling it like he can. I have to trust Josh’s tactics hes proven hes a great coach and the gameplan has got us to the playoffs this year, so it can’t be all bad.

As a Boston sports fan, all hope isn’t lost if the Patriots fail to win the Superbowl this year, the Bruins are looking good in the NHL, 6 games in hand and playing good hockey, aside from a loss today against Minnesota. But back to the Patriots, I fully believe that with Coach Belichick at the helm and a good young quarterback doing his thing and developing into the starting Quarterback we needed after Brady left.

The Future is bright for the Patriots, after the turbulent year out of the playoffs and finishing with a below 500 record, we are back where we belong and soon the road to the Superbowl will once again go through Gillette.

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