What kind of sport has a draw after 5 days?

So, it would appear the 4th test of this Ashes series seems destined for a draw. Its day 5 and the England side has held on long enough to put up a respectable total in reply to Australia’s big 1st innings total. Don’t get me wrong, with the way England have played this series ill take a draw.

The 32-year-old conquered a daunting set of circumstances to reach 103 not out in the final over

Now I’m not really a cricket fan, I used to be but over the years the switch from focusing on the old and beloved 50 over tri series and on to test match cricket has lost me. You’ve got a quick format that is great for a backyard party and for a setting the mood for some backyard cricket. But for some bizarre reason a game that goes for 5 days is what cricket puts on the main stage.

I honestly figured with the invention of T20 cricket the code would be smart and move more towards that version of the game. It’s done in 3 hours, much like a Rugby game or AFL match and there always a result. Even in the event of a tie it gets more entertaining with a super over. But the purists of the game, ageing fans and commentators all still pretend that Test Match Cricket is superior. How can a game that goes for 5 days and still end in a tie be the pinnacle of the sport?

It seems all the money appears to be moving towards the T20 format, not just here in Australia but also in other major cricketing nations like India, England and South Africa. The only form of Cricket I find my self watching these days is the BBL and the occasionally the T20 Blast in England. Its fun, Entertaining and quick. Also, a great mood setter for some afternoon backyard cricket or a chill backyard party. Despite being a Heat fan and them being terrible yet again this year, whenever I’m sitting down with some free time looking for some live sport to watch, if there’s no A-League on then ill watch a BBL game no matter who’s playing. It’s just fun.

Photo Courtesy of criclink.com

As I’ve mentioned before on blogs and podcasts, I’m a massive England fan. It doesn’t matter what sport it is, ill always support the England National team. But even I have found it hard to watch England play in the Ashes, not just because we’ve been terrible so far in this series, but also because nothing is happening. 2,3 or 4 overs can go by without a run being scored, what the fuck is that. If that happens in a T20 game or a ODI it’s a huge deal, because it builds the pressure on the battle to actually make a shot and increases the chance of a wicket, more action.

I’m actually hoping and I’m pretty sure there is a ODI series with a few T20’s mixed in after the test series for England. Definitely something ill get behind and hopefully be able to go to. I wanted to get to one of the days of the Sydney Test, but unfortunately work and other commitments got in the way and also there’s no guarantee id actually get to see England bat and let’s face it, there bowling hasn’t been great. But I will definitely make my way out to and ODI if they play one at the SCG or Canberra.

Photo courtesy of icc-cricket.com

Anyway, like I said, not really a cricket fan but if they bring back 50 over cricket as more of a prominent part of the summer, and a bigger emphasis on the T20 game, I’m sure myself and other disillusioned cricket fans will come back to the game. Maybe then the game will grow to the levels I remember from when I was growing up. Until then, the A-Leagues will continue to grow and hopefully, eventually take over as the number 1 sport in summer.

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