Australian Open Tennis

What a Djokevic!

So, by now I’m sure your all aware of the Australian Open officials granting defending champion Novak Djokovic and exemption to play in the tournament despite not being vaccinated. Now obviously, this is bullshit, and that’s not just because I don’t like Novax, he just striker me as an arrogant douchebag. And this was all before any of this Covid stuff began. I’m not one of those people who thinks we should be forcing people to get vaccinated, but that also doesn’t mean that international visitors that aren’t vaccinated should be able to come to our country as they please.

But since Covid has become a thing in the world, and the vaccine has become available, Novax has been vocal in his negative opinion on the vaccine. And his seemingly arrogant behaviour when he tested positive for covid in 2020 after he hosted an Exhibition Tournament in the Balkan region. And after was videoed partying in a club while it was well presumed that he had covid at the time of the party. But that was then this is now, I just wanted to give people some background as to the type of mindset were dealing with.

Photo Courtesy of the Mirror UK

Now it’s 2022 and in Australia, we have largely done a good job of dealing with the pandemic, that is until recent times where the Omicron variant is running rampant across Australia.

I’m all for athletes coming inform overseas, as long as they stick to the criteria laid out by our government. Mainly the one that says, “Overseas visitors MUST be vaccinated” and that’s were it should stop if I’m being honest. I don’t care if you’ve had Covid in the last 6 months. Id be fine if that was the case for Australian Citizens that were looking to return home, but not for athletes that have been travelling around the world and have had ample time to get vaccinated.

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I get what the AO Officials were trying to do, Novax is the defending Australian Open champion and the world number 1, so yeah, hes a pretty big draw card. But with everything our government has talked about with regards to getting vaccinated, we absolutely should not be letting anyone into the country who isn’t vaccinated, regardless of who they are or their profile. This is an unprecedented period in history, and sacrifices have to be made to keep the people of Australia and more specifically Melbourne as safe as possible. Not to mention to protect Novax himself who is more at risk as an unvaccinated person. Imagine if this was a player ranked outside the top 100, there would be no exemption for that player purely because of his lower profile. This is wrong, Novax is a danger to his fellow tennis players and the people he will surely come into contact within the hotels he is staying at, putting those people at greater risk.

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Obviously, you’ve also probably heard that Novax won his appeal against deportation, not because he had proof, he deserved an exemption but because of the incompetence of our government and its agencies at the border not following the proper protocol for these situations, basically meaning he gets off on a technicality. Which is bullshit but it is what it is.

So, now Novax is free to play in the Australian open and for the love of god I hope the fans who are there and watch him play, Boo the living hell out of him every time he wins a point, and cheer as loud as possible whenever he loses a point. Because let’s not forget, in the Australian Opens hypocritical rules for Fans, you cannot attend the Australian Open this year unless you are vaccinated. Pretty rich from the top brass to demand fans be vaccinated but not the people who fans are there to watch.  

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