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Am I the only one who missed the NBL season start?

So, I’m not the biggest Basketball fan in the world but as you all know by now, I love live sports! Even test match cricket. So, whenever there’s live sport on, I’m usually pretty tuned in and up to date. Not to mention I have a soft spot for the NZ Breakers franchise because of their affiliation with Barstool Sports. So, when I stumbled across a highlights show on 10 Play, I was shocked it had begun. I hadn’t heard anything about the launch, just the occasional add for the Australian version of The Jump on ESPN. But I had no idea it had actually started.

The domestic competition in Australia has had a rough time of it over the last 10 years. From the death of the old league and some historic franchises like the West Sydney Razorbacks and the Melbourne tigers, the League was reborn with some traditional franchises in the Perth Wildcats and Sydney Kings, we also have some new teams like the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix, Melbourne United(worst name for a Basketball Team ever) and this season the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers the first legitimate Tasmania professional sports team. Hobart Hurricanes don’t count, not sure why, just doesn’t feel real.

Basketballer Derek Rucker (l) with Jason Williams defending. NBL basketball – Adelaide 36ers vs West Sydney Razorbacks game 2 Photo Courtesy of

This season, we even have NBA Championship winning Guard and Boomers legend Matthew “Delly” Dellavedova playing for Melbourne United, the man has played and won alongside arguably the 2nd best NBA player of all time Lebron James, obviously the only true GOAT is Jordan. Plus, you have other big Aussie names like Chris Goulding, Jason Cadee, Mitch Creek, Andrew Ogilvy playing alongside some great International talent.

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Obviously, the hardcore Basketball fans in Australia were aware, but this is for the passive fans, the just general sports fans. When I look at the ladder, I’m kind of glad I haven’t been paying attention until now, my Breakers are bottom of the ladder at 1 and 6 from there 7 games and struggling, while its no surprise I’m sure to most people that Perth are on top. They’ve been the most consistent team over the past few season, yeah, I usually do pay attention and gamble on the NBL. The good news for me being a shire local is the technical local team for me The Illawarra Hawks are doing well and sitting 3rd on the table and playing well.

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Now that I know the season has begun, ill make sure I’m blogging it more and bringing more attention to the league as the season progresses. In Fact, ill be heading to either the Kings v my Breakers game on Sunday or the Hawks v United game in the Gong also on Sunday. And I encourage any Sports fan like myself to get down to a game and support your local team. After what the Boomers did in the Olympics last year, the game in Australia surely must be growing, that’s why I’m so confused by the lack of publicity Ive seen. Maybe its just me missing it or perhaps being oblivious to it when it’s been right in front of me.

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