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Well, that sucked, but there are still positives for the Patriots

So, last nights playoff loss at the hands of our division rivals the Buffalo Bills was rough. But let’s remember this is a new era for the Patriots, our first playoff game without Tom Brady since 1998, and despite the slightly humiliating nature of the loss, going down 47-17 in cold cold weather in Buffalo the future is bright.

Most notably our Quarterback Mac Jones. Take away the 2 interceptions, one if which came in the endzone on a pass that was almost a Touchdown and the other a deflection of Tight End Hunter Henry, Mac had a decent game for his 1st playoff game with 2 TD’s and over 200 yards. Not bad for a rookie. Unfortunately for Mac, the defence just had no answers for the Josh Allen and the Bills offence. A truly dominant performance for Allen with 5 TD’s and over 300 yards passing and 66 yards on the ground.

Buffalo Bills safety Micah Hyde makes an interception against New England Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor during the first half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game AP Photo
source: Joshua Bessex

I have to admit, going into this game I wasn’t confident. We got lucky in the first game against the Bills with the superior coaching and the weather conditions we managed to steal the win. The more accurate comparison between the 2 sides was in our second meeting where they out us to the sword at Gillette. The conditions in this game were similar to what was experienced in Buffalo tonight and was the best way to get a feel for what was on the cards. Throw in a rookie QB, even though he had a good game, a defence that isn’t able to communicate well because of the crowd noise, and it’s a tough environment for a regular season game, let alone a Playoff game.

But despite the evidence to suggest we were at risk of a loss in this one, and let’s face it, despite our highest hopes this game was gunna be a struggle. But even I didn’t think we’d be beaten by 30 points, and the game was effectively over at 5 minutes into the 2nd quarter when the Bills took a 20-0 lead. Although ill be honest, at 27-3 down at halftime I had visions of that score line being memed much like our 28-3 comeback in the Superbowl against the Falcons. But early in the 3rd quarter those hopes were dashed.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

For our season to be ended like was hard, and slightly humiliating. Were the New England Patriots, the most dominant team over the last 2 decades, but we have to remind ourselves this is early days in the new dynasty and from what Ive seen over the length of this season, we have a positive future with Mac as our QB and the greatest coach to ever do it in charge. Maybe Josh McDaniel’s just needs to figure out his play calling a little bit and make it better.

Ill finish with this, If in the offseason, Belichick can go out and get Mac some weapons to throw to. And maybe some better players on the defensive line to help put pressure on the QB. We’re clearly close to being a competitive playoff team, but we just need a few more key weapons on both sides to truly become a contender again and return to the top of the AFC East and AFC.

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